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Not what we wanted to hear

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I was so hopping I would not have to write this, but Paul’s PET done last week showed spots on the lungs. There was no activity, but I am sure it is the monster. A MRI will be done on Friday to get more detail. I spent the weekend in a numb state with a lot of tears, got it out of my system and am ready to charge ahead. Paul will be on the Oxy and Xeloda and another dug I forgot to write down starting tomorrow. Paul was doing so well, eating, energy, and overall feeling good. This is not what we or the Doctor expected. As always, any input, tips or advice are welcome.


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Betty in Vegas
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But wait until the mri is done. You know, spots on lungs can be a lot of things. And, remember how many have beaten spots on lungs.

You are in my prayers, both you and Paul.

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My thoughts and prayers are with you both on the results of MRI.


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Please wait for the final results, my lungs lit up like a Xmas tree for my PeT/CAT scans and it is all old scarring, nodules etc, no cancer. We will all be praying that he gets a good answer esp since he sounds like he is doing so well. take care,

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Hi Susan,

The wait and see is the hardest part!! All kinds of things run through you mind and you get hyper anxious.

Take a deep breath lungs scars are kind of weird things if you've ever had aa bad bout of bronchitis it can show up as a spot.

Take a deep breath and just wait and see.

Hope all goes well,

God Bless,

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Tina Blondek
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Hi Susan,
Try to not think too far ahead of yourself. It could just be scar tissue. Dont freak out until the results are in from the mri. And even then.....you keep fighting, push ahead, and get it treated.
Thinking of you.

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