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Melanoma Stage 4

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Just found out last night that my 65 year old Father In Law has Melanoma. It spread from his skin to his lung, to a small tumor in the thyroid. It also is causing a gland in his Kidney to bleed which in turn has caused him to get numerous blood transfusions as we as extreme pain. We are very scared of this disease. Everything I've researched doesn't give us much hope. The Doctors said that they can't even operate at this point nor give him radiation. That his only option is Chemotherapy. We don't know anything about this disease nor about the effects of chemotherapy. We just want to know what his options are and how deadly is this illness really is. Any input would be greatly appreciated. We just want some hope of any kind if it's out there and what can we do. Thank you.

mr steve
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There are always treatments, get a 2 opinion.

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I am sorry that you have to go through this with your family. Melanoma is a cancer that spreads very fast once it hits the blood stream. It is very agressive and sometimes can form tumors throughout the body. It is a horrible disease and it really wears down the person who has it. Treatment wise try and check with doctors or universities that are having success with suppressing melanoma stage 4. My mother had it and has recently passed. I'm not trying to get your hopes up or let you down, but I do want to let you know their is always something out their to try. Hang in their

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