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VERY good day!

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We just heard from the hospital. They believe Medicare will pay for this and they have scheduled Jim for Proton Therapy simulation on Thursday with a new Rad. Onc. and we have week off in between to do something fun! This is really good news and answer to many prayer from friends, family and people we don't even know, including those on this board. We are blessed!
Sally & Jim

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Betty in Vegas
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If he is in Gantry one, tell the girls hi from Layne. I wish they'd give us a price break for all the people we have sent there! :)

You will do SO much better on proton ...less sick. Though he will be tired, and the last week or so, Layne was sore when swallowing. Your onc or radiologist will prescribe lots of stuff you can take for that though.

Be careful at night, usually your first few days are at night and then you move up the schedule... it's not a great neighborhood. But if you ask, security will watch you.

Also, you aren't supposed to eat before and Jim should try to breathe the same every time--either hold his breath or exhale. They have found it makes a big difference with proton--since it is sooooo very precise.

You will meet a lot of friends there. They will mostly be prostate patients. But you will see some kids, too. I was really touched by the kids. Truly.

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Tina Blondek
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Excellent news Sally and Jim! You knew that would be the best treatment for him Our prayers are answered once again! Praise our Lord! Best of luck with the procedure, and keep us posted!
P.S. I have updated my blog re: my dad

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