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Books, websites info on nutrition

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Hello everyone. I am new to this site, my brother in law has just been recently diagnosed. I must tell you that reading what we are facing through your words has been a God send. I admire each of you for the support that you give each other while facing and conquering this dreadful disease. You have helped my BIL, his wife and his children tremendously, thank you.

My question is...could you direct me to information regarding nutrition. From what I have read, he will more than likely have a feeding tube at some point and may not be able to swallow but I would like to be prepared if there is anything we can do for him nutritionally be it food, herbs, supplements etc. I so want to help him in any way I can.

God bless you.

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I put on the site about the book, Anticancer. It is very helpful, you can google it to get more info about the book. I recommend it. Take care! Donna

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Here's a few websites that may help you


I have a nutritionist who specializes in oncology related dietary issues. For the build up to surgery she had me on a very protein intensive diet and she wants me to stay on that for another week or so. When I have the final pathology she's going to help me prepare for radio and/or chemo therapy with a very specific diet with the inclusion of my Dr and my acupuncturist/TCM practitioner I have on board. Everyone is working together, west and east, to help me fight and survive cancer.

Processed sugar and fruits that are dense in sugar - a huge topic on these boards - is out for me as is coffee. I get my sugars through blueberries (1/2 cup/day) and the sweet veggies I'm eating tons of. If I get a sugar craving I eat almonds and that does the trick. I'm big into cancer fighting and immune boosting foods, so all the things I loved before - mochas, candy, pastries, etc. - are what I used to eat. I have no desire to feed those old, unhealthy habits, even if it means a few minutes of "comfort". I am out to beat cancer and I don't want to give it any encouragement to linger.



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I do a lot of herbal stuff and try my best to eat mostly vegetarian.

Just a word of advice, If you plan to do any herbal med’s while doing Rad /Chemo treatment please inform your doctor first as some herbal stuff can hinder the affects of this treatment.

Mick has made some great points on staying healthy; it is all about choices we make

Take care and God be with you.

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