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So Proud:)

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A friend of ours passed away friday of colon cancer. I was so sad and was talking to another friend and said the words" Cole lost his battle with cancer today" my 16yr old heard me say this and came over and said" no mom Cole DID NOT lose to cancer" He fought as hard as he could to the last very last day so in a sense he beat cancer because he never gave up or let it make him throw in the towel.. He is a hero.... I am so proud of her!!


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Exactly! Well said. Gosh, I hate that 'fought and lost' wording you see in so many obits.

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All any of us can do is fight to the end and never give up...

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I'm so very sorry for the loss of your friend. I will send a prayer for his family and for yours. It is so difficult to lose friends to cc while your battling.

Your daughter is wise beyond her years. He didn't lose his battle. He killed that beast! The cancer is gone! That might not be the way we want to win, but cancer can't live if we die. That's why I'm in negotiation. I'm trying to convince my cancer that it can't survive without me. We coexist, but that entity needs me for survival.

Keep the faith. Hugs,


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First of all, I am sorry for your loss. Secondly, congratulations on raising such a smart daughter!

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To hear about the passing of your friend. I never think of people losing their battle in cancer, it's more of being "Free" from it, he got away from it, and is now an angel in Heaven watching over you, they are always in your heart, and live there.


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