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Visit with the Onc

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At first I hesitated to post with all the bad news on the board the last few weeks but thought about it a little more and realized we need to hear the good news also. After the PA was done with us in walks the onc with 2 residents with him. Now there are 6 people in a very small room. He starts out by saying he is amazed. With George's advanced Stage IV cancer, the most he was hoping for was to stabilize the cancer and get him a little more time. As it stands today, George is doing better than he ever expected. He said that you very, very rarely see this good of a response and if we are not church goers, we should be and if we are, we should go more often to give thanks. CEA is a good indicator for George and it continues to drop. All his liver function stuff is coming back excellent, like there is no disease there. His lungs sound really good and all blood work is better than we should have expected. For now, we are going to stay the course and hopefully we keep going in the direction we are. He finished by saying now get out of here and I will see you in 6 weeks instead of 4. So we will continue with the 5FU and Leucovorin every week adding Avastin every oter week for a 6 week cycle, then 2 weeks off the 5FU and Leucovorin then back on for another 6 week cycle (little confusing but I think I got it right). Well thats it for now. I got some research to do on the Karmanos Cancer Institute for that second opinion on the liver and lung, who knows, maybe we will reach the point where we can do some type of radiation or treatment option on those pesky mets. Take care - Tina

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Thanks for the good news.. We sure needed it around here!!

life is funny sometimes

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I am so very, very, very thankful you posted this praise report! YES, we need good news! Gosh I'm just thrilled for both of you!

Wow, now that's a real upper! Praising God with you!

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That's fantastic news! Thank you for sharing it - it gives hope to all!


Fight for my love
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Hi Tina,thanks for sharing the good news with us.This is going to lift us up.We need good news.Best luck to George with his treatment.Take care.

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Wow, I am practically dancing for you both, Tina & George! This is fabulous inspiration for all of us, in addition to fantastic news for both of you! Thanks for sharing your good news!

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Really great news, Tina - I'm sure you are both thrilled!

Might be time to buy a lottery ticket, too :)

Although, it sounds like you have already won, continued best to you both.


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Wonderful, Great, Spectacular!!! I'm so happy for both of you. 2010 may just be your year!


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Don't ever hesitate to share good news like that. It's wonderful!!!


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Nana b
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Great, wonderful. I am happy for the both of you!

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That will put a smile on your face every time...Bless you both, ya'll sure did need some good news for a change and what a great change it is...Good for you both....Love and Hope, Buzz.......

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What excellent news! I'm so glad that he's responding well... Tell George to keep up the good work!

Love you guys!!

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I'm so glad to hear George's wonderful news!! Yee-hah!


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So great to make it back to the boards and see this first thing....... man I feel great for you guys!!!!


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It is wonderful to hear good news and this news is great! Thank you so much for sharing. We are happy to hear George is responding so well to treatment.



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