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Important Clincal trials for for tongue and throat patients

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Hi everyone,
I have been reading this blog alot and find I have some important infor for a lot of the head and neck cancers. I hope that some of you will be able to use this info. There are two proceedures that I want to tell you all about, that I think arwe quite exciting! These proceedures were both pineered by my doctor:

Submandibular Salivary Gland Transfer - Dr.Hadi Seikaly

Beavertail Surgery- Dr.Hadi Seikaly

Those are just two of the many articles on the net about these proceedures. I will be having the first one done with my surgery Feb.18th. I am told that I will lose the submandibular gland on the right side, because it is suspicious of cancer, but the one one the left will be moved and shield from the radiation. Also in this clinical trial they use IMRT which protects the Parotid Salivary glands. He has told me that I have a 95% that I will not experience the dry mouth and swallowing problems that most do. Which means for the extra hour of being in surgery is worth it to me.

I really hope that you read up on these proceedures, and please ask your doctors what they think. I am excited after readinf all the horror stories and hope this info helps. by the way thre are all kinds of articles on these proceedures.
My thoughts and prayers are with all odf you Val

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