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I am lost..PLEASE HELP..my mom is running out of treatment options

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My mom has diagnosied with stage 4 lung cancer in Dec 2008. She is 55 year old. She recently completed 6 chemo sessions with ALIMTA as third line of chemo. Now she is very week and may not be able to take it anymore. My mom can walk and takecare of her day to day actiities. But she is in extereme fatigue. Today she got PET scan and reveled that tumors has shrunk 15% with one tumor grew little bit.Doctor said that even though she respinded to treatment, it is not great becasue we haven't see best response. Doctor said that now It is time to consider QUALITY of life than QUANTITY of Life. They cannot give any kind of Chemo to her. They may consider radiation as an option if required.

PLEASE PLEASE help....WHat shall I do. WHat shouild expect....Should I go for second openion...My mom doesn't know the time she left...She is getting depressed..and I dont kno w what to do...PLEASE ADVISE..

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Nobody has a date, there is no time. We are not a book. Dr's can say you have only 6 months left and is 2 years and you are still here. You should go for the next treatment if your mom wants to do it. Does she have pain? My husband is on treatment since 2007 and the longest break was for 2 months. We finish treatment and start the next one . My husband is 33 years old and he wants to try all the options until his body can tolerate or until we get the miracle we are praying for. The family support is very important and also speak with your doctor . A second opinion is also valid if you have the resources and the time to do it. There are not bad decisions. We asked our oncologist. Is it too late? and she told us: No, it is hard but we can still fight. So we are fighting. It is hard, it is not easy. But we are doing everything to win this battle. Good luck in yours.

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My mom's doctor told that she cannot take chemo any more because she is getting weak day by day. Now it is time to think Quality vs Quantity...My mom has little pain with one tumor..Not sure how the coming days will be... She may have radiation...I have no idea how the side effects will be...

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you may want to check into the Phase III Lucanix trial for lung cancer.

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