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Update on Husbands Radiation Treatment

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My husband had his final radiation treatment on December 23rd for his Prostate Cancer. He did good during the treatment. I made sure he followed his diet and he had only a couple 'minor' side effects.
The first one was going more often to the bathroom, and the other one was being tired all the time. He had his treatment early in the morning( 7 Am) but he worked 2nd shift (from 2 to 10). We are not sure if he was tired from the treatment, from the interrupted sleep or a combination of both.
He hasn't gotten his bloodwork done yet, but it should happen soon. But it is still to early to tell if the treatment worked.
As for the sexual issue, he is starting to get a 'feeling' back (lol)- but it is not 'up' completly. But that's ok, I can wait - as long as it takes - just as long he has beaten the cancer.
My question now is, what if he didn't beat it? What are his next options? I know I'm jumping ahead and I should not worry until I have something to worry about. But I can't help it. He is only 45 years young. After he had the surgery (back in Feb 2008), I was so optimistic and now, I'm more worried then ever and think the worse that could happen. He is dealing with it better then I am. there are times I can just sit down and cry. I start getting depressed and I can't confide in my (very best) friend, she does not understand....just by her comments......but I would not have known what to say if the shoe would have been on the other foot.
How do other spouses deal with this?

tiny one
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Glad that your husband is done with radiation. The radiation will continue to work for some time even after treatment is done. Fatigue is the number one side effect. Soreness in the area can occur also. Sexual issues can happen some time after treatment has stopped also. I am a colon cancer survivor, soon to be 3 years cancer free. It is hard not to start thinking and only focusing on what if, it comes back. Please seek a support group and do not focus on the what if's. Many survivors have wasted precious time doing this. My husband has been very supportive of me and only focuses on the cancer free. We have been traveling and not putting things off. Don't put off doing things you have always wanted to do. Starting now live life to it's fullest. Life throws alot of negative things, many only focus on this, those who've never had cancer view life in a negative way. Remember to live and enjoy each other every day. Don't focus on what if's. Live your life so that you have no regrets. Love deeply. All of us on this board understands.

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I once said to one of our pastors that my husband was handling his cancer recurrences better than I was. She pointed out to me that while he was facing possible death which he didn't fear, I was facing the loss of my soul mate and best friend. That was my greatest fear. She was right. Of course you're scared. My husband often told me that my job was harder than his. Try to take it one dr. appointment and one test at a time. Enjoy the now. Not easy, I know. Hug each other often, and say I love you. Take care, Fay

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My husband just finished radiation treatments for prostate cancer that metastasized. Did your husband have trouble with his appetite after treatment?

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I finished radiaition on Jan 15. I am still having some urgent bathroom trips but they are slowing down. I did lose my appetite and that seems to be slowly coming back. I am still tired, but I am also on Eligard which makes me tired.

Interesting thread- I have been concerned for my wife through all this. I know I have but quite a fright into her. It was never my intention to do that. I keep reminding myself, what I have lost she has lost, too.

It is helpful to see hersideof this and I hope more wives post on this topic.

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