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xeloda anyone?

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Are any of you that are stage IV and not anticipating surgery in the near future taking xeloda (orally) as your only chemo drug? My sister is stage 4 CC with mets to liver and possibly lungs. No surgeries have been done at this point. She was recently told by her oncologist that she is not a candidate for surgery at this time. From what I have been reading, must of you are on something other than just xeloda, I am just wondering why they are not using anything in addition to the xeloda? Please let me kow if any on hhas any info an this matter.

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Hi Amy,

While I don't have expereince with zeloda, I do have the experience of having colon cancer with liver mets without having surgery to remove either. Back in June & July 2009 I underwent radiation & chemo (folfox) to reduce my colorectal cancer in order to have a resection. However, when I had a CT scan they determined that although the cancer in the colon had shrunk, I had mets to my liver & they did not want to do the resection at that time because the liver mets would grow. I was put on a new chemo regime - folfiri (irinotecan, leucovorin & 5-FU) plus avastin. After 4 treatments of this, my scan could not detect the cancer in the colon, & 3 of my 4 mets had decreased (the 4th not growing). I have now had 8 treatments & I feel great. I am hoping that the chemo will continue to work & I will become operable. I am thinking of you & your sister; it is good she has you to help her look into this.

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I a on that but I had surgery before , tumor on colon . I would be asking what they had in mind for the future. Is surgery someting down the road. Xeloda is pill form of chemo and alot easier on you than infusion . I love it . Hope she does well.

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I was on xeloda for a year and did well on it
it kept a met I had stable,and shrunk another.
it was my only med for that year

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Georg completed the whole Folfox thing this past fall. Had a short couple week break to do scans and such. He had colon resection surgery before starting chemo. He has mets to liver and lungs. Chemo working very well. His maintenance chemo now is via IV - 5FU and Leucovorin once a week adding Avastin every other week. This goes on for a few weeks, then a two week break then back on. George is currently unoperable but hopefully will reach the point where we can do some radiation and/or surgery on the liver and lungs. Tina

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This is what I am starting this week. I too, had Folfox for 12 tx, now mets to the lungs. How is George tolerating this treatment? How long has he been doing it? I am going to do it for 3 months then check the scans and plan after that. I have RC.

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George is tolerating the treatment very well. When first diagnosed he alredy had mets to lungs and liver. Since completing the whole Folfox thing, many mets disappeared completely and the rest showed significant reduction per latest CT Scan. He had significant mets. Anyway, he continues to work full time, albiet pretty tired at the end of the day sometimes and tends to go to bed early but then, he is up at 5:30/6:00 a.m. He has no nausea, no pain, his appetite is excellent (maybe a little too good), his energy level is pretty good considering the chemo and all. We see the onc this afternoon for his monthly check up so I will post if there is anything to report. He has been on this regimen (if memory serves) since mid-December, then had a Christmas break, and started up again this month. George's cancer was in the transverse colon. Tina

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Hi Amy. I am stage 4 and had a colon resection in Nov. 2008. After that I did 14 rounds of Folfox + Avastin and now I do Zoloda + Avastin. All seems to be working well for now. Sometimes Avastin causes insurance issues, it's very expensive but helps the Zoloda work better. If can be any help to you or your sister please let me know.

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My experience was, prior to surgery I was on Xeloda (pill form of 5Fu-chemo infused via port/picc into body)plus infusion of oxy and radiation. should ask doc/onc why only Xeloda......Steve

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i am stage 4 with liver mets. I had my surgery and then did 6 months of xeloda. I then had more liver met after a year then surgery and this past time I did xeloda plus oxalyplatin.

Xeloda seemed relatively easy to tolerate.


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After I had 12 cyclesof folfiri with Avastin then I was put on a regimine of Xeloda and Avastin for about 10 months. I could only tolerate about 40% dosage of xeloda and within 10 months the cancer showed it's head again so now I'm on folfox with Avastin. Will have 4th treatment tomorrow. God bless and good luck

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