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Confusing results after PET

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My husband, 58, stage IV, mets to liver, colon resection, liver resection, no traces left. After 3-mo chemo, PET scan showed new mets to liver, mets to abdominal wall and 2 abdominal lymph nodes, and adrenal gland. I've searched and just can't find anything discussing those last three results. We meet with the doctor this week, but I'm spinning so fast that I don't know what's up. My husband is visibly upset although he would never show it. It would worry me too much. Anyway, any answers for this heartbroken wife.


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I'm about to leave for church and will look for you when I get home but, I typed in adrenal gland and got 6 pages of hits!

Cherylhutch and Paula G come to mind.


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hi sue,

im 45 and was diagnosed last feb w/ stage 4 colon cancer w/mets to liver. i had my colon & liver resectioned, and was told by my surgeon that i was cancer free. after 3 mos recovery & ct scan which found 2 new tumors in my liver & 3 small nodules in my lungs, i started chemo (folfox). i was devasted. to my understanding w/ stage iv the cancer cells can travel anywhere in the body through the lymphatic system. this coming tuesday i am starting on a new chemo drug cpt-11 because the folfox is not effective anymore. my lung tumors have gotten bigger. and sadly w/ stage iv chemo will be ongoing, just need to learn how to deal w/ all the symptoms. i recommend trying a support group for both of you. i went to a couple this week & it felt good to talk w/ others going thru the same thing. also get 2nd opinions talk to many doctors they're not all the same. good luck, try to stay positive. kara

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