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Kidney Stones and Cancer...Any connection?

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I'm interested in exploring the possibility of a connection between kidney stones and cancer. After reading the posts today--it donned on me that many cancer folks have also had kidney stones. I'm one of those--have had 3 episodes of kidney stones in the past. When I found blood in my urine on Nov 23 and had a bad pain on my right side--I immediately thought I was having another kidney stone attack. I know there's something out to prevent kidney stones from happening. Anybody know what it is?? Do you see any connection between the two? Maybe our bodies are giving us an important message.

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Not cancer.... cancer tx's.

Many of us were given calcium alongside our chemo drugs. Many of us are now taking calcium supplements because calcium has been shown to prevent cc or recurrences. I'd blame it on the calcium and not cancer.


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I do not take calcium BECAUSE of my kidney stones,
and never did take calcium supplements.
better to get your calcium from dark leafy greens
never had kidney stones before I was diagnosed with cc.
I know several people who have had kidney stones after diagnosis;
maybe not the cancer,? maybe all the chemo crap they pump into you.?
drink a lot of water!.there are 2 types of kidney stones,one is from calcium oxilate deposits
and one is made up of uric acid ,cystine,or methionine.
if you get one you are prone to get more
dehydration is thought to be one cause.
drink lots of water!!!!!!

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maryjane asks: "I know there's something out to prevent kidney stones from happening. Anybody know what it is??"

That would be water. I'm not being facetious, honest. I started on a campaign last summer to drink more water, and I think I'm feeling better from it. And I seem to be less subject to bruising. However, I never had kidney stones.


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maryjane -

I have a ileostomy and very prone to kidney stones. In fact, ileostomates
are inherently more prone to kidney stones than those without an ileostomy.

With an ileo, we lose water due to the absence of a connection to
the colon, and the absence of the ileocecal valve. The waste goes flyin'
through and into the pouch, unhindered by valves and more intestines
that would have recycled more of the water for us.

Now.... even if you don't have an ileostomy...... if you're doing chemo
or rads, it'll have a tendency to toss your liquid out fairly quickly.

The solution (as Kate said) is more water.... BUT.. not more water
each time you drink water...... water more frequently.

Your body can only absorb a certain percentage of water as it passes
through. With an ileostomy, it passes through us much faster than it did
prior to the ileo... we had that silly valve and more intestines then!

So... if an ileostomate drinks a lot of water all at once, it'll go out
even quicker, and the body will actually get less water of that entire
amount. If we drink a small amount per hour, each and every hour,
our bods have a better chance of absorbing more of it. Easy, huh?

Anyway.... it's the water; it's the lack of a sufficient amount of water
being absorbed by the body..... Ileo or chemo/rad...

Oh.... and that dehydration will cause you to feel tired, have an irregular
heartbeat, fatigue, anxiety, depression..... it's a subtle thing.. it comes on
slow, and isn't all that noticeable until it is.


Take care.

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