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Increased need to urinate after biopsy?

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Hello, Diagnosed with Gleason 6, 1 positive core with less than 5%( confined) on 12-23-09. Going for CT and bone scan this week and a 2nd opinion . ( Dr is suggesting robotic surgery)..

Not sure if this is normal or not, but i have been getting up 2-4 times a night since the biopsy. Even during day have increase urge to urinate. Prior to that..once or rarely twice a night..Any comments on experience with this is appreciated.


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Experienced similar symtoms after biopsy. Frequency of urination is what prompted me to get checked in the first place, but have been going more since biopsy.

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I had the same for a few weeks. I had my biopsy in early November, had the same symptoms for about 3 weeks, then it calmed back down.

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Feeling better. This was really starting to worry me. Joe.. hope you arent worrying to much about Thrs. Think you have a good surgeon.

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The thing that freaked me out was the blood in my semen after the biopsy. Yuck. But, this too did pass....

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the american urological society does not recommend bond scan with gleasons less than 8. To be honest I don't know what a ct scan is.

It sounds likely that you have indolent cancer, that is not likely to spread. Consider active surveillance.

active surveillance
psa 1/09- 2.2 , 7/09-2.5, 11/09 2.6
biopsy 3/09 at 66 birthday, gleason 3=3=6, 2 cores positive with less than 5 percent in each
MRI/MRS 4/09--no nodule involvement , staged at t1
aueron molecular test- 97 percent chance that that cancer will be contained when compared to 1000 men who have had radical prostectemy.

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I am currious what you are going to wait for. If there is cancer found in the biopsy what are you doing to stop the growth/destroy it? I would think you would be a prime candidtate for HIFU...yet this is not tested long term yet....HIFU gal says they have been doing it in europe for 18 years...but if that is so ...what are the results of those patients. Personally I like the theory and idea behind HIFU...especially for those in the very early stages it seems a logical and good way to rid the cancer with the least life disruptive aftermath following the procedure.

With that being said...not so sure it would have been my best choice because I had multiple places with my tumor that had extraprostatic extension....HIFU might have left some cancer behind even though it was contained within the prostate only to come back in 5 or 10 years.

I am completely satisfied with my choice of taking the prostate completely out....on day 20 I am doing fabulous...only use 1/2 pad a day...yes..I am a cheapskate and have been cutting my pads in half and using only one per day...for night I put an entire one on but rarely have more than 1/2 ounce upon waking. As for ED...last night with the 6th day of 1/4 pill of 100 mg viagra I had a full usable erection. Probably wasted money on the pump I just received Sat because I doubt I will need it...none the less will use it for the theraphy of blood flow twice per day.

This whole thing has been pretty much a non-event for me...maybe not as much as Sonny but very close to it. Here's wishing everyone out there having as easy a time I had if you have your procedure in front of you...and for those already done....I pray for your quick and complete recovery of all aspects. I am still not totally out of the woods yet until I get my PSA 2-17-10 and then several more of hopefully <0.1.

Bless ALL!

Randy in indy

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You asked some good questions. What am I waiting for? Well, I am hopeful that my cancer is indolent, and will not progress, however if it does, my quality of life will be better until it progresses , if in fact it does. The disease is being closely monitored for possible progression, and action will be taken at that time.

Well I do have cancer in my prostate. What am I currently doing is the 64,000 dollar question. There is a drug under study called avodart that is recommended for those who have not been diagnosed like me, and is under study for those who have been diagnosed. Some doctors prescibe this drug to patients while others do not. My doctor does not. So now the cancer is being closely monitored. That is all that is being done.

If my cancer progresses in the near term, I believe that radial prostecemy is the way to go...I will be seeing my doc in the next couple of months, probably get a biopsy at that time.

I am a little nervous about my psa readings....it had been steady for a few years at 2.2 and lately it is rising slightly.


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