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I wish to release the topic below for consideration and comments by different interested persons.

A significant part of cancers are considered to be due to environmental factors.

Recommendations in cancer management stress the need to make individual treatments or improving food intake or exercise. BUT NO MEDICAL TESTS ARE USUALLY DONE TO ASSESS WHAT THE LEVELS OF CERTAIN SUSPICIOUS CHEMICALS COULD BE INSIDE THE BODIES OF PERSONS DEVELOPING CANCER. With a few exceptions no enquiries are done about their lifestyle and the environments where they were breathing and living. With nowadays technology this epidemiological information could be processed and made useful yet it goes neglected and lost everywhere. Countless laboratory animals are killed in cancer research while a significant amount of more adequate information that humans could provide is constantly disregarded.

It is remarkable that while all the burden of the fight against cancer is put on the patient enduring heavy treatments no research appears to be done in any significant scale about the myriad of chemicals that would have entered into his-her body and what their continuous effects could be inside the fighting patient; perhaps hindering recovery. No determinations of heavy metals, endocrine disruptors, highly oxidant compounds or other aggressive chemicals are routinely performed in cancer victims in order to gain a better picture of the landscape surrounding cancer incidence.

When the establishment wants it is easy to make determinations of foreign substances in a body as sports anti-doping controls show all the time, so the technical means exist for those who wish to use them. What is lacking is rather the will to engage in research that perhaps would end in discredit for powerful industrial groups supporting cancer actions and influencing the direction of such research in their advantage; and along with that, also the embarrassment of important institutions that divert all the efforts of the fight against cancer towards early detection and heavy treatments without actively seeking a possible link between actual tumours happening in people and the environmental offenders they might have encountered.

This text is aimed as a reflection on a large scale and as grounds for promoting a change in guidelines and recommendations for cancer management. Anyone who finds it interesting enough is requested to resend it to others in order to start opening a gate for more engaging public enquiries. These are unlikely to happen unless enough noise about this subject is heard everywhere.