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Three year since Diagnosis Petscan says...No hotspots!!!

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Last Tuesday I had a Pet Scan completed and the following Friday I had an appointment with my ENT. The results confirmed what I had hoped and I am proud to say that I am free of any hotspots and continue to survive free of cancer.

It was made even more special when I met and talked with another Tongue Cancer victim that had entered the cancer treatment program. the same time as I. We had three weeks of daily treatment together before my firends neck burst into open sores and was hospitalized. I never got to speak with my friend again until yesterday in the waiting room of the ENT. He stated to me he felt great. He looked and sounded well. Funny how ten minutes can make up for two and a half years of wondering what had happened?

I am celebrating today by taking my son to a CubScout workshop for his latest attempt at making a wooden car for our packs annual
Pinewood Derby.

Thanks to everyone on this site plus the technicians, nurses, and doctors during my treatment I am here. I am also thankful for all the prayers and my steadfast belief in God. (Does this sound an awfully similar to a Oscar acceptance speech? LOL!!) I am getting better and I am still here to tell about it. I truly have been blessed!!

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I love to hear that word, Congratulation my friend. I hope and pray that you have many many years to with you son and your son children.

I am celebrating with you in my heart

Kent Cass
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Cwcad- Good to hear the great news from you, and about your friend. And the Pinewood Derby-hope your Son wins. We survivors are all blessed, Cwcad, and it's good you realize it. Our blessing comes at such a physical cost, and yet we emerge from it all as better people. Now 55, I think of others my age who have not had to endure the suffering I have, as have all of us, here; and, you know, I think it does make us a little different than them, but in a very good way. And after all that you've gone thru, to be able to tell us you are Cancer Free- the best of news, Cwcad. Blessed you, and we, are.



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Awesome news and thank you for sharing it!!! Blessings on you!

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Now when I see you in Honduras I will know who you are, great picture

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Pam M
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Great to hear - no hot spots! Woo Hoo! Thank you for sharing your wonderful news with us. Here's to many more "clear" reports.
- Pam

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Happy for you. Keep it that way. Clear Mind & Healthy Body.


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What wonderful news!
I'm happy for your friend, too.
Best of luck, and God bless.

--Jim in Delaware

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