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Conflicting Treatment recommendation

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My Mother was recently diagnosed with Type I Adenocarcinoma of the right lung. It is 2 CM in size. She has severe COPD, on oxygen full-time and has dibetes due to the meds she is on. She visited with the Oncologist and he suggested "trilogoy" radiation treatment because he did not think she could survive surgery. She then met with a pulminary doctor and he said surgery is the only option she has since it is the only treatment that removes cancer. Who do we believe?

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that is a hard one I had my onco tell me he would do radiation and chemo then surgery I went to a second opinion and he sent me to a surgeon and he suggested surgery because sometimes after radiation it is hard to do surgery, did they say what kind of surgery they would do? maybe with the copd they think it would be harder on her since she has trouble breathing already. I would go for a second opinion and then do what she thinks is best. why does the first dr. think she couldn't handle the surgery? good luck , I hope you get the answers you are looking for, I think that there are some people that might wonder if they made the right decision , I know I do.

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