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my bad day ain't so bad after all

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Man I thought I was having a bad day husbands car broke down had to pay to get it towed home figuring out how in the budget can we get it fixed. So for the time being I am stuck home cause he has my car.

Than I read some of the other posts here and man I am having a good day compared to some of you guys. I am sorry I cried this morning cause this is a suckie cancer day there are some of you who are really suffering shame on me for having a pitty party over a $500.00 car repair bill I can't afford. I am alive and 7 weeks from being done with chemo.

I will pray for all of you struggling right now .

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It's been very hard for all of us watching our friends suffer and knowing what all is transpiring. A very rough time on the board right now...we must all hang together and support one another to get through this.

Right now, there are 2 families in dire need of our support and it's a helpless feeling to see them hurt and not be able to offer anything but our prayers and support.

$500 is always alot out of pocket when you don't have it - car repairs are always unexpected it seems. You've got the right perspective, we're alive and it's only money - we can make more :)

I've got no complaints either and just wish I could make things better for the parties involved: Phoebe/Mike and Jenny/Mike

And now I'm worried about Kapper48/Pat. He got some bad news too.

It's just very difficult right now.


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