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Why skating should be left to the kids...lol!

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So, figuring it is the last time we will be skating for awhile, since today starts a thaw, my dear beau and I hit the ice...

Well, I hit it a bit harder than he did...while getting onto the ice from the bank of the canal, the board I was sitting on slid...and my skates naturally slid...and I ended up on my bottom, severly jarring my right arm (you know, the 'good' arm...lol). I kept going (like all the kids do) because it was 'the last time to skate'...

So, I sit here with my wrist in ice, and my elbow in heat...and 600mg Advil on board.

Hans fared a bit better, but because he overdid, his heart gave him trouble and he had to stop....

I only have one question:

WHEN did we become old???? Huh??? We are now the 'old folks' that sit and watch the 'youngsters' skate, remembering the 'good ole times'.... ;) :)

Hugs to you youngsters!!!! Kathi

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My kids BEGGED me to get on a pair of skates...so I obliged them. OMG!! I can't believe how much the ground saw my behind! It was just awful, but I had so much fun, I couldn't be mad!


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Way to go! You showed "old" that you can still be a kid! My goal is to get through Chemo, then I am going to get in shape to go cross country skiing with my sister, learn how to ice skate and go roller skating again!

I know you feel like you are paying for it now, but the bumps and bruises will heal, but the fun will live on!

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Yes, Indeed Kathi

When did we get so "old."

Your post made me smile, but I'm laughing with you - not at you, LOL:)

I hear a whimsical side of your story that does make one wonder - where did the time go, what happened? Yes!

Hey at least you skated, it's been over 30 years since I tried and was not too good then.

These days if I can get out of bed and walk across the floor without too much pain, it's a great day for me, LOL :)

Thanks for the GRIN, Kathi!


tiny one
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Not old just not as limber as we used to be.

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Hi Kathi,

Hope your "sore spots" will be better again soon :).
I haven't tried ice skating lately, but about 5 yrs ago I asked for roller blades for Christmas. I put them on to skate with my kids (and I was really a good skater at one time). As soon as I stood up on them, my feet shot forward out from under me and I landed HARD on the pavement on my tailbone and also bent my one wrist back pretty hard. That was the first and last time I had the skates on. My oldest daughter wears them now, as hers from before are too small for her.

NOW the family's talking about going up to Big Bear (the southern Calif. mountains) to go skiing sometime in February. We went up last year with three other families, but I didn't ski. I just hung out with another woman who also didn't ski. This year,it will just be my immediate family going & my kids are "telling me" that I HAVE to ski. I want to, but I'm so worried that my bones are more brittle now with all the chemo and I'm afraid of really hurting myself. My husband says it's up to me whether I choose to ski or not, but I know he'd be kind of bummed if I don't. We'd all be bummed if I ended up hurting myself or breaking something, though. I'd be in pain & I couldn't do much for the family if I had a broken leg, etc.
What should I do??

Thanks, Kathi, for sharing your ice skating experience :)


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Ride the chair lifts UP and right back DOWN :)

You'll know what to do when you get there, Lisa. Maybe the beginner slopes?

I've never been skiing either - think I would just walk around or ride a snowmobile, or take it EZ in the lounge by the fire.


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