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Daughter chosen to go to Africa for Clinical Nursing!!!!!

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First of all.... thank you all for the well wishes after my recent hospital stay. I am feeling much better.

OK Diane... Now I'm gonna brag!!

NEXT good news is about my 21 year old daughter Brittani. She has been attending Nursing College in St. Louis, MO and is just about ready to graduate. 2 more semesters. She has been doing her clinicals over the past year and has gone to several outstanding St. Louis teaching hospitals including St. Louis University, Washington University, and Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital. She loves the choice she has made her career and IS a fantastic nurse.

Anyway..... she was just chosen to participate in a program where she will obtain foreign experience in clinicals in Nairobi, Africa this coming May. There were only 6 students chosen for this opportunity and she was 1 of the 6. OMG! I am soooooooo excited and proud!!!

It is a very rough terrain and is NOTHING compared with what she deals with here. No bathrooms...no running water.... dirt floor accomidations.... no AIR!! ,..and I thinks it's a bit hot there!!! BUT...she is gung ho!!! My "little girl" is only 5'2", 115lbs.... man, she just seems too little. BUT, I guess we all know that feeling. I was truly concerned for her safety with this trip. But I know in my heart that God will protect this ANGEL.

Brittani has at this point decided that she wants to be in all faucets of Labor & Delivery...for now. She has been working at a hospital since high school in many departments. She also loves the Emergency Dept. This girl is all about hands on action. She helped deliver her older sisters last baby. I mean all the way thru placenta removal. So this left me watching 2 miracles at once..... my daughter giving birth to my granddaughter and my other daughter delivering....wow...! KODAK MOMENT! LOL

Brittani has been a fountain of information and support during my battle with the "C"
OK...I will stop the bragging now. We are just such proud parents. I will be posting several photo's in months to come so keep an eye on my page!

Love you guys!!!

Peace.... Jennie

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Wow! that's an amazing thing your daughter will be doing, how unselfish, in helping the other country with this, I had always wanted to be a nurse/medical assistant, but went for the office stuff more instead! She will have an amazing experience, I know how worried I may be with my kids so far away, but she'll be ok! out of 6 people chosen, how proud to be the mother of one of those! I wish her best of luck with her career, and know she will do fantastic!


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I remember this conversation, Jennie

Brittani is certainly special - braver than me too.

I'm concerned for her, but definitely support her right to pursue her dreams - and I think you're right, your Angel will be protected :)


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