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Betty in Vegas
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Hmmmmm where to begin. Well, first of all, our scans were great. Nothing on them. However, our pathology from the surgery could have been better. The margins were clear, but close. The tumor was more viable than they would have liked...and they would have liked it have all been dead. Therefore, Layne has been given clean up chemo. It's going to be epirubicin, xeloda (unless insurance refuses that) and oxaliplatin. Of course, the oxy we know well but the others will be new to us. He'll do three rounds. (9 weeks total)

Though I asked God for clean up chemo, wow, I wanted them to offer it only due to the nodes, I had no idea of the other things. BUT it's ok, because I feel like God is providing all that Layne needs. The doc was amazed at him today, and laughed and laughed as Layne answered questions...at how well he is eating down to how much is he exercising. The surgeon's nurse asked him to be a mentor, and of course we said YES YES YES...

We got to meet Ants and his wife (oh what WONDERFUL PEOPLE) and tomorrow, we hope to have lunch with Sally and her hubby--we were to see them twice today and of course, you know doc appts...that did not work out.

Couldn't get the net to work on my laptop at the hospital and I declare, everyone wanted to log in at the machines at the hospital today. Ugh.

Thinking and praying for all of you ...


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I've been waiting to hear about Layne's results...praying every day for super results..since Tom didn't have surgery, I don't know what clear but close margins are...and where are they seeing the tumor, left over part..I'm absolutely hoping for the best for you all...including your family.

So far Tom gained back every pound he lost plus some...I just pray that this good time will last for awhile.

Our kitchen is in day 8 of remodeling and the upstairs is up for grabs...can't wait til it's done...

Give Layne a hug for us all...where will he have the chemo?

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Betty & Layne,
I've been waiting to hear how it went... So glad you are at a place such as MD Anderson that seems o on top of this! I was impressed when you said (awhile ago) they had a whole floor just for that type of surgery! God's got you covered in his strong, comforting "eagles wings". It seems that God has prepared Layne well for the next step of chemo---having him recover so well (including jogging!). It is amazing! Ride this wave...like you have up until now. You guys are truly inspiring to the rest of us-thanks for sharing how things are going.

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Tina Blondek
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Betty and Layne,
Thanks for your great update! So good to hear good news every now and then. You are both very inspiring to all! Enjoy this good time. Try not to think too far ahead of yourselves. Best of luck to Layne with his next chemo treatments. Praying for you both.

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