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Finally Home

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Hi All,

Al is finally home and is not in pain. He is so medicated right now that I am a little concerned. I'm sure come tomarrow he will be a little more with it. I have taken control of the meds for now because I don't think that he will remember what he has and hasn't taken.

We go back to the oncologist next week and the neursurgeon the week after so that will give him some time to get back to his old self before the pain. We have one more radiation treatment and that is tomarrow afternoon and hopefully that will be it. Then we can get down to business and get started with the chemo before any more little buggers get to attached to any of Al's other body parts.

Kyphoplasty is just the Dr's way of saying injecting bone cement into the vertibrea that is
broken and fixing it. Well almost that simple but all in all it only took about 1/2 and hour
and all is fine so far.

Thank you my CSN family for all of your prayers and support!!!!

God Bless,

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So happy Al is home and we are praying things continue to go well.
From day 1, I was always in control of Charlie's meds. I had enough trouble keeping track of everything so there was no way I knew he could keep track. I actually keep an excel spreadsheet open on my computer all the time and note all his meds....I even try to keep track of his weight that way. It isn't difficult now since he is only on Ativan, a sleeping pill and his Xeloda. It was a life saver when he was on all his meds. I even started doing it in hospital when he received his chemo....that when I knew exactly when he was due for pain or nausea meds.
Stay strong,

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Tina Blondek
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Hi guys,
Glad it all went well. Our prayers continue to be answered! Praise the Lord. I agree Kath, you need to take over with the meds. I had to do that with my dad. I bought him one of those pill boxes with the days of the week, am and pm. I fill the box every week. So now he does not have to mess with the bottles, and wonder which one, how many, did I take this or not? etc. He absolutely loves it! And I agree about starting Al's chemo as soon as he can. We do not want anymore c bugs in his body! Keep us posted on his recovery and give yourselves a hug!

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so glad you got Al home with you! I have said this before, but he's lucky to have someone to take charge and who loves him. I pray for some "rest" from the stress of the hospital and bad news and comfort and peace on the journey through chemo. Hang in there...

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I'm happy to hear Al is home!!! I hope the pain doesn't get to bad for him.


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You have been through alot, and still took the time to offer advice and encouragement.May God bless such a special lady. I will continue to pray for continued improvement for Al!

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Betty in Vegas
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I know it has to be much more relaxing to be in your home surroundings where you have total control of Al's care. This is a huge thing. Sounds as if you got a lot done while you were in, as well. I have been thinking of you often...my friend, and the struggle you are going through. I'm so glad you know you can come here and just unload. Sometimes, you just need to do that, so you can go back out there and resume the fight.

Hugs from Texas...

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