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CT scan results

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Hello all,
I had my 6 month post nephrectomy ct scan yesterday. Today my doctor
called and said there is a spot on the scan where my kidney used to be.
He said it is most likely a seroma (at least that is what I think he called it).
I have to have a pet scan on Friday to make sure. Does anyone have
experiences with seromas?

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dear jane,
there is nothing in the world more anxiety inducing than waiting for ct results.
those first few days are usually hell for me. now that you've had something show up its even worse. however, it probably is still nothing. just take it one test at a time and try not to worry. today should be your pet scan, hope you get the results soon and that it will be nothing. if you have to go the weekend without knowing please try to take your mind off of it. easier said than done, i know, but what choice do we have other than to drive ourselves crazy. i like funny movies, reading, getting out of the house (so i don't jump everytime the phone rings) and lots and lots of prayer.
i'll be thinking of you and hoping for the best.

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Both the ct scan and pet scan showed a mass in my lymph nodes and possibly
something in the small bowel also. I am having a biopsy on Wednesdy.
I am very confused as the path report from my surgery said that the original
tumor was confined to the kidney and the margins were clear.
I just don't understand how this could be happening.


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Hi Jane-
Recurrence results on a CT are always a shock. After my original Stage IV nephrectomy, hepatectomy (left 1/2 of liver), and lymphadenectomy (2 of 11 nodes positive), I thought I was home free. But there is no accounting for one stray cell still floating in the blood stream; or one that had already attached to something at the time of the first surgery.
One year later, in 2007, I had a positive node removed that was in the fossa (or depression) where the right kidney had been. And in 2008, I had another node removed that was low in the abdomen at the bifurcation of the aorta-where it splits to go down in each leg.

So to respond to your question of how this could be happening? It just does. After a couple of questionable CT's in 2009, I have been OK for 19 months. And I'm trying to enjoy every minute.

Surround yourself with friends, family and support. Read positive stuff, not gloom and doom. Plan for the future...it's more likely to be there for you. And enjoy! Celebrate the little things! Good luck as you enter this next phase of your life.

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