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Sir Spheres procedure is a go!! UPDATE

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They moved the procedure to the 27th because of scheduling problems so, not next week the week after!

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I am loving the good news on the board today!!

You have my bestest thoughts and prayers, girl!!

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That is great news. Keep us all posted.

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That is great news and boy do we need good news! Let us know the day and update your FB page with the info, too!


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I am so happy for you. I think this is going to go great for you! I will look forward to your update. I wish you all the best with this procedure!

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that is just awesome news. So glad that you were a candidate for this procedure. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way. Please keep us updated.
Take care,

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Oh Patti I am so happy for you. I know you will have a good result and be on the right path to getting rid of those nasty tumors. I got a question though. What happens to these beads? If I read stuff on this correct they stay active for about two weeks but do they stay in the liver forever, are they eventually absorbed by the body, etc. Where are you having this done. Tina

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Hey Tina, from what I understand, the seeds are smaller than a grain of sand and they do become inactive after about 16 days. I think he told me they stay in the liver/tumors but cause no harm. (I think) I am so bad at remembering what the Dr.s say because I am usually in a state of fear when I'm talking to them. I do record the meetings for just this reason so, I would have to go back and listen to the recording to say 100%..I think I am right though. Patti

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Well, that's very good news, Patti - so hoping you would qualify for this - it sounds very exciting and promising.

I'll be on pins and needles until I hear from you.


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You go girlfriend........That sounds great...Never ever say uncle....... I am happy for ya...Love and Hope, Buzz

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That's great! Can't wait to hear the good results come out of this!


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I am so happy to hear that the procedure is a go. I will be thinking of you next week!!!


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Good luck! It has been 2 weeks now since mine and I am feeling better. I had a gall bladder attack and it was painful, but the procedure itself was not. I go backon the 26th for a scan to see the results. I am praying for good news.

I will be thinking of you!! Keep me posted


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Paula G.
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Patti I have read good things about this procedure. They used to do it at the hospital where my husband is going. They stopped not because it was not effective but because of the cost. Good luck. Best wishes Paula

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I am so happy for you, i know this proceedure will give you confidence that you need to beat this cancer.
Will be thinking about you, Are you going to be staying and amount of time in the hospital, and if so what hospital?

Live, Laugh, Love

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Great news!!! I just know this will all go good for you.... I aam feeling it girl. You will be in my prayers,,,heavy duty...will get ya on the prayer chain too. We need all the help we can get. Please let me know if I can do anything for you or the family.


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I can't wait to hear more about this procedure and how it has helped you, it sounds so interesting! Good luck with the procedure, you will be in my thoughts and prayers!


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Penny, They say I will be out that same day, but there is a chance I may have to be in overnight. I will be at Gwinnett Medical in Lawrenceville

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You won't have to reapply, will you? ACK! Wanted this done, but God's in control!

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What procedure are you having?


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Sir Spheres, this is a liver directed therapy look it up on youtube and a doctor will explain in detail. Patti

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Sounds like a promising procedure. I hope it all goes well and that you have a great response.

Rob; in Vancouver

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So glad that you got a final date for procedure. You will do just fine.


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or is it a different type of radiation directed therapy?

The reason I ask is that Theraspheres was recommended to me as a treatment to try b/w chemo. I was not comforted by the radiologist that it was something I should do and then got 2 COMPLETELY different opinions on it as an option for me - further contributing to my confusiom.

Good Luck!!!! ((HUGS))


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Peggy it is the same thing as Theraspheres, I talked with many people that have had this procedure and basically saved their lives. Have you heard of Suzanne Lindley, she comes on here from time to time but she speaks at the liver symposiums every year and travels around to speak on her amazing story. She was told to go home and basically plan her funeral, she then had the Sir spheres treatment and it saved her life, this has been 5 years ago. She is an 11 year stage IV cancer survivor. I am glad you are able to have a resection, I was told that I am not resectable and that my liver tumors are like a chocolate chip cookie. So, my options were limited. Good luck and God Bless, I will say a prayer for you tonight that everything goes well. Try and stay calm and focused, you have alot on your plate right now. Patti

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And glad they didn't move your date too far out. Take good care of yourself till then - keep your strength up. And please keep us updated.

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