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I would like to suggest that everyone fill out their profile page!

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Joined: Oct 2008

Just saying... it helps to know the type and stage of your initial diagnosis, what treatment you have had, etc. That way, when you talk of your experiences, we can just click on your screen name to see all that information.

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Cecile Louise
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I've been meaning to do that...and now I have!

Posts: 743
Joined: Oct 2008

Thanks Cecile! I hope everyone does.

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I just updated mine.

Thanks, Deanna, for the nudge!


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I understand the profile page can be helpful but it also contains some very personal info that I don't think is always wise to publish on the web. I am talking about employers, disability people etc, and just some nosey people you don't want knowing everything. I am a very open person but also value some privacy. It's a tough call but I wish there was a way to offer more personal confidentiality on the site.


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Thanks for the reminder, Deanna! It really helps not to have to make people recite their history and where they are in treatment over and over. ((((Hugs)))))

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