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pain in the middle of my back

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Hi ladies, I am due for my 5th doxil Thursday, CA125 is at 132 a few weeks ago. I have this pain right smack in the center of my back that is getting worse every day. After a good night's rest, it actually seems worse. Very strange. At first I thought it was the way I slept or lack of excercise, but now am wondering if it is a tumor sitting on a nerve? Anyone experienced anything like this with doxil or any other chemo? I will have my doc check into it on THursday, but meanwhile wanted to ask you all.
THanks for you help,

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Hi Kathleen

I also have had back pain. I am on Gemzar and will start my fourth round next tuesday the 12th of Jan. Mine is mostly on my right side from my shoulder blade to my waist. I mentioned it to my onc Dr and she said it sounded like a pulled muscle, but it does not go over. She said to take Ibrophen, sometimes it helps and sometimes not. I go see my onc/gyn on wed and I am going to mention it to him.


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Hi Kathleen, I remember the first time I started having this, it actually scared me a bit was always worse after I went to bed. I was diagnosed with esophugus spasms, after even heart tests. I started taking protonix (instead of prilosec) twice a day and it finally went away. I then switched back to generic prilosec once a day, and go back to twice a day when it starts up again. This time on carbo I had to add pepcid during the day off and on. Yesterday I thought as I dealt with the pain, how would even know if they were having a heart attack with so many other things causing similar symptoms.

Anyway.. just to know you are not alone .. pray the docs check you out very thorough. Hugs ♥ Prayers Bonnie

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for your input. I had never considered anything esophagus related, but will bring that up with my doc on Thursday.

I did end up going into the hospital today, saw my onc/gyn, he scheduled me for a CT for the 21st, said the chemo will go on schedule, and sent me to the pain clinic for meds. This all in 30 minutes. I was counting my blessings, as I have never been in and out of there so quickly. I can relax now, knowing that I am on the right track to trying to figure this out and the meds seem to be kicking in.=:)

My hunch now after talking to the pain clinic doc and gyn/onc is that it is probably muscle pain from 1) icing my body to the point of freezing since September causing me to be so tense 2) not wearing a bra and unknowingly hunching over (for a D cup that can be a lot of hunching) 3) not getting any excercise for weeks because of my blisters.....or something along that line.

It seems that Gilda was right, "It is always something!" I just home that something isn't mets to the bone or a tumor sitting on my spin, of-course, but will cross that bridge when I have to:)

Anyway, thanks for listening.

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Hi Kathleen, I just had my 3rd doxil dose and about a week after, I woke up with my left foot swollen and in so much pain I couldn't walk. I think the nerves in your back are being compromised from the Doxil. I thought my foot might have cancer in it cause it felt like a lump on the top of my foot so I was in a panic too. I looked up side effects and it had a list of things and I think I saw back pain on one of the sites. I called the doc's office and told them so now I have some pain killers and ice my foot to keep the swelling down. I have read that the side effects start around the 3rd dose and boom it did for me. I have recurrence from Uterine cancer in my lungs, I already had carbo/taxol treatments and it didn't get all of the nodules completely so that's why it is Doxil now. I am supposed to get some other type of medication for the neuropathy so I will let you know what I get. Good luck with that back pain, I couldn't function at all with my pain.

Hugs from Oregon

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