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Nexavar Treatment after surgery to remove HCC tumor

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Has anyone had surgery to remove tumor (HCC)and then taken nexavar to prevent recurrence? I have been told there is no treatment after surgery. Nexavar works to keep tumors from growing any further. There are no studies to see if Nexavar would prevent recurrence after surgical removal. I will have CAT scans every few months to check for recurrence. But is there anything else I should be doing? Thanks

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I've been on Nexavar for 3mos now and my tumors have not increased at all.I am a liver transplant pt that had a tumor metastis to the lung which was removed. The ca. came back and so now I'm on Nexavar. I'll also have scans done every 3mos to see how the chemo is working. I have heard of others whom have had excellent results with the Nexavar. Tumors shrunk in size. I pray and believe that the Lord is doing the same with me. I wish you lots of luck with your treatment.

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Dear ljw 121

Hope you re doing well.

My mom also is suffering from HCC recurrence post transplant, doctors are thinking of putting her on Nexavar.

I would be really gratefully if you provide with some feedback regarding your condition.

Thanks in Advance

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