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Happy Birthday

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So today is my birthday and so far so good.

Thursday I have to in and have some surgery on a biopsy that came back with some A- typical cell growth. For some that seems pretty minor. For me, its irritating! I have what some would call a chronic skin cancer. I have had BCC and Melanoma. I have had 52 biopsies, and this will be my 10 surgery. I look like I got into a fight with Freddy Kruger... so many scars.

I know I sound like I am giving myself a pitty party, but truthfully I am ok. I just needed to get my mind focused. It's my birthday... never been a big thing for me, but seems I had a lot on my mind that needed to be said.

For all those who think they can't go through something like cancer, you can. Its hard and it sucks the life outta ya, but it doesn't have to control you.

My thought are with all of you that endure cancer and the trials it makes us go through.
My thoughts are with all of you who know someone that has cancer. Stick with them... they lose so much during their fight, they need you.

Have great day!

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Happy birthday Kisma. For survivors most find their birthdays such an extra special blessing as we fight from year to year to handle all that cancer brings to our lives sometimes, the good the bad and the ugly. The reflections most of us go through on the dates we were born are undeniable and have such potential to teach us much if we just keep our minds open to them.

I hope you have a good day and try to put all the tests and health issues aside as much as is possible, I know it isn't easy, and just enjoy your day. Do something extra nice for yourself today, pamper yourself, you deserve it.

Hugs and again Happy Birthday. Blessings, Bluerose

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Happy birthday! I hope you are able to do something special with someone you love today. Hey, pity parties are ok, too, once in awhile. You are a survivor! I'm sure you follow your pity parties by doing what you have to do to be a survivor. I pray daily for those with cancer, their caregivers, and those who are working toward a cure. Now, go have that happy birthday. Fay

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