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vomiting white foamy stuff---anyone psot surgery have this?

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HI all,

My dad is having some issues and my parents are having trouble figuring out what is a problem and what isn't. He has had some bouts with vomiting a foamy white material---he felt nauseous--but he says from "low" --just above the belly button area. I have read a long time ago of others having this---but can't find those posts. What causes it, when should they be concerned, can it be avoided?

And thanks William for posting stuff on lack of taste---I cut and paste some of it to send to them---they are overwhelmed right now --so I only send the highlights unless they ask for more.

Prayers going out for all having scans and other issues.

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As you know with the new stomach they really cant throw up, its just going to be that way its called new stomach and new issues, Jeff is 6 months out and if he feels nauseas that is what he throws up, so don't worry its going to be like that.

I know its gross but welcome to EC world.


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Hi Kim.

Al does the same thing. I happens mostly after or during eating. He has to sort of bring it up and then it clears up for a while. Sometimes its gross, I'm told like lori said it has to with some of his stomach being part of the his esophagus and the healing process.

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