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Another Subject Needs Answers.... When does Chemo Stop??? Ever???

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I am kinda confused. I went NED Dec 1st. Totally estatic. I thought chemo would end and My life would go back to as normal as possible. What I didn't expect is for my Onc. to tell me I would NEVER be chemo free. That I am stage IV and I have to realize I have a chronic illness like diabetis... no cure...only treatment. He said right now my body is in a good place because of being NED but statitics show 80% or more stage IV have recurrance..... and when it comes back...it is the STRONGEST cancer cells that return....and they may not die with my current treatment....and that is why doctors run out of options and throw their hands up and say they can do no more. HIS suggestion is for me to stay on my current drip coctail for at least 2-3 more treatments. After a PET/CT in 9 weeks...if CEA and still in remission...then we go to pill form of 5FU...and see if I can stay in remission on that and if I do...then I will ALWAYS be on it....forever....FOREVER???? This makes me REAL sad. When does it ever end??? or does it? I'm sorry.... these stupid pain pills for my back get me thinking about all this stuff...and what other options I have like John23 is always talking about. Now I'm crying like a baby....geez..


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Dear friend, I'm so sorry I'm replying so late. You don't have to be on chemo forever. If your next scan is clear ask for a chemo break. Frequent scans will keep you up to date on your status and you can go back to chemo IF you have to. Don't let your doctor be in charge. This is YOUR battle. Yes, you may have a great team of doctors but remember that you are the coach! You get to decide how things go. Sounds like strong words but you know how to sweeten it up so the doc can swallow this medicine. LOL

Prayers to you my friend,


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You can ask/tell them you need a break. First, it's ALWAYS your call. There could be times when taking a break might not be in your best interest and you and your team know when that it. There are also times when taking a break will not make a difference (if any) in where you are at with "it". I've asked a for a few breaks over the years, just a month or so, and I'm still here.
(I'm not NED either but I'm still here!)

*Kimby, yes, you can show this to your husband.

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Thanks for your post. It lets me know that as I start to face another battle of a different
source that I am the BOSS here! It is my battle as you say.

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hi jennie,

try not to be too sad, i know how you feel im stage 4 colon cancer & recently learned that i will be enduring chemo probably for the rest of my life i was diagnosed last year. had surgery half of my colon removed & 70% of my liver. i still feel it everyday. i started folfox last june, after 8 cycles & another ct scan it isnt working i now have 1cm lesions in my lungs. i had reoccurrences before i started chemo. this cancer sucks!!!! but i try to stay positive & live 1 day at a time. my oncologist doesnt share alot, i geuss he doesnt want everyone to freak out on him. im going for a 2nd opinion this friday at dana faber boston, ma. you never know a cure could be right around the corner???
i hate like feeling this has become my life. i try not to focus all the time on it.
i wish you luck. and dont give up hope!!! im 45 & my grandfather had colon cancer???


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