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Hi Everyone,

I was diagnosed in 2005 and have been battling follicular thyroid cancer for four years now. I have read a lot of different things but this is the best one that I thought explained it to myself as well as those close to me about what we are going through. Just thought I would share it.

Cut and paste this to find the article.

Best of luck!



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    Wonderful article
    Hi Joel
    Thanks so much for letting me know about that article. I realized that I was reading about myself.

    It has been very tough the past 6 months but I keep working and taking care of my family - I thought it best to keep going as if nothing is wrong and I do need to keep working to support my kids. I am going hypo now before RAI and it feels like the last straw after I am finally feeling ok. I realize that I need to get through this and ask my family for a bit more help.

    Anyway, again thanks for the really helped me.