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Update on Dad and a little help needed

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So dad ment with the Surgeon again and then the Onc. Dr on Thursday! Since his set back he was only allowed to have clear fluids. Well they released him and said he could finally eat. FOOD!!! he was very happy, he still has to keep his Jtube in, well b/c you know he has to eat tiny amts and he needs ALOT of calories. They took his Drainage tube out and he was in his glory! If you could of seen his face! They werent happy with him, he has lost a total of 15lbs since being released from the hospital the first time around. But he has been on clear fluids for 2 and half weeks. Along with his feeding tube but he says that anything over 4 cans cramp his stomach up and he dont feel well. So when he met the onc dr they said that he wants to see him back in 2 wks and then IF he feels that he is strong enough to start chemo he will then sch him in prob at the end of Jan, Well my poor dad sat there and said he just hopes its not too late and the tumor started to grow back since they took it out. He said he is still in the time frame of 6 to 8wks to treat. He also gave dad meds for sleeping because he is not sleeping to well, he said if it dont work then he will give him something else, its like he is very nervous/anxious. So now we have to bulk him up a bit so he can do GREAT with chemo, we hope. I know it wont be easy but he is on his way to being cancer free (knock on wood). I know he is ready to fight this beast!

Now my question, he is allowed to eat soft foods, fish (cod and perch) he likes most,potatoes, pastas, eggs, you know the easy diet after having your surgery.. What are some foods or even recipies(that would help alot) you guys would recommend to strength him and fatten him up?

Also did/are you guys taking any vitimans during chemo to help keep him strong?

He will be on xeloda, oxaliplatin, epirubicin.

Thank you guys so much in advance for your help.
Dad and mom peak on here often and love the fact that you guys are helping us through this. Its like he has someone to "talk" too that has or is going thur this with him.

God bless,

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Hi Tina,
We aren't nearly as far along in treatment, but I am feeding Jim protein shakes every day. Sometimes twice a day if I can get him to drink it. It's made with chocolate Boost, (glucose control, since we aren't doing sugar), a banana, 1 full scoop of protein powder, again in chocolate, since that's his favorite, a heaping spoonful of Greek yogurt and a few blackberries or raspberries. If it's the second week after the oaxaliplatin, sometimes I add a small scoop of CarbSmart ice cream for calories instead of the yogurt. This tastes wonderful, easy to drink, and has the "mouthfeel" of a real milkshake. He says it makes him feel like he's having a real treat! Maybe this will work for your Dad?
Prayers for you all and everyone who is on this site. We all need them every day.

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Dear Tina,
My husband has just started to eat again after his surgery. He was pretty small to begin with so I really had to work hard to pump him up during his chemo and radiation. I added powdered milk to soups to add protein. I also used Boost and Ensure as the liquid part of milkshakes. I added protein powder to the whole milk I made him drink with every meal. Kevin enjoyed egg custard, chicken noodle soup I made from scratch, chicken and rice, and any kind of pasta if I cooked it extra long so that it was really soft. One of his favorite pureed foods was red beans and rice with sausage. Believe it or not it became very smooth and he could enjoy the meat taste of the sausage. He did seem to enjoy beans and peas if I cooked them until they were really soft. When he could stand the texture, he enjoyed grits. I know it's really hard to be creative with the soft foods.

Here are some websites with soft diet recipes:

I also found the Living with Cancer cookbook to be helpful. It is available through Amazon- http://www.amazon.com/Betty-Crockers-Living-Cancer-Cookbook/dp/0764565494/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1263107018&sr=8-1

Hang in there. Surgery is rough,but thankfully it's behind you.

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I would start of slow with a soft food diet and then gradually increase. to eggs, potatoes, pasts like mac&cheese and soft fishes. Al still has problems with some meats and he also still gets that nasty mucous build up. Your dad will have that while his new esophagus is healing also he may need to have dilations in the begining.

Since I'm pretty sure Al and your dad see the same Dr.s the oncologist will try to make sure your dad is ready before he will start the chemo. Trust me on this!!!

We would have started the chemo already but since we have this back situation that has to be taken care of first.

If you can try and get your dads chemo scheduled on Wednesdays. We always try to go on Wed.
it is way less crazy there.

The nutritionist should have given your parents a hand out on foods. If not just call Hillman and they will mail you a bunch of info.

Hope this helps,
God Bless,

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Tina Blondek
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Dear Tina,
So glad to hear that your dad is home and able to eat food! That is great news. You have been given some great soft food ideas here. My dad is able to eat more now that he had the stent put in his esophagus. Still soft foods though. Mom makes him mostly soup, pureed veggies, pureed meats, baby foods, eggs, broth, tea and coffee. We need to fatten my dad up too for chemo treatments. He has lost about 30 lbs in the last year. Best of luck to you your dad and mom. Keep keepin on! You are all doing a wonderful job. Keep us posted, prayers are being sent!

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