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Now the insurance says he can't stay

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Hi All,

Just had a heck of a day trying to figure out what to do with Al.. The insurance co.says he can't stay for pain control and for radiation treatments that can be done as an out patient,
but he is to weak to come home so now they are trying to get him into a short stay facility.

This all Suc-----. I am a mess. The Dr.s are trying to find reasons to keep him as long as the can before the have to send him.

I feel very lost and like I wasn't doing the right things for him. I know that they are doing this so he can get the care that he needs. I am just afraid that if he goes to one
of these places he won't come out.


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Betty in Vegas
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The doctor who turned us down for proton at our ins co turned out to be a former student of our radiologist. SHE WAS SO MAD. She saw his name on a report afterwards, figured out who he was and called him up and told him she was so ashamed of him.

She told us "I taught him better than that." It's sad really, that ins cos can have control of your medical care. I am not asking for anything Layne does not need. But I don't want someone who has never met my husband to decide that he is going to make decisions on his health.

UGHHHHHH don't get me started.

I will pray that the Lord will open the right bed in the right place, and if that turns out to be your home and he can work to diminish the pain ....that you know in your heart where he is is the right place. I'll just be asking for a huge miracle.


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Dear Kath,
Thinking of you and Al and praying that you will have a solution that will give you peace.

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