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Cure Magazine

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Thank you, Mary Ann for the hedzup about this magazine. I did not know it existed. Just looking at the website I have already found two articles that I'm glad to read and am looking forward to receiving the magazine itself.

One artile has to do with learning the language of cancer, treatments, etc. and the other with how much information is enough information based on our own personal make-up.

So thank you for mentioning it on another thread.


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I would strongly recommend this magazine, especially to anyone newly diagnosed with Cancer. It has so many great articles. It is a free subscription for people with cancer and their caregivers. The magazine is published quarterly.

Becoming informed certainly helps you make better decisions. It also talks about being able to read previous articles, too on the internet. You can subscribe by going to www.curetoday.com.

Even though I have completed surgery, chemo and radiation I found the Resource Guide very helpful. In peace and caring.

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Haven't had a chance to look at it yet, but thanks for the reference!

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