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Diane, Phil, Buzz, Craig, et al...

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Joined: Dec 2009

Is there a PM system here? If there was I couldn't find, but oh well...

I want to tell you all THANK YOU!! I don't know where I'd be without you all and your knowledge.

Just sayin' :o)

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Joined: Mar 2009

Sure is! At the top of the page you'll see 'HOME'. Click on that. In the middle of that page is a blue 'Connect' spot. That's where you go to send PM's.

You won't be notified of PM's by email, tho. I wish we could send emails from here.

My home email is tavegia@bellsouth.net and my phone is 770-456-0081. On Facebook, I'm Diane Weldy Tavegia.

We all learn from each other and then help others by sharing what we've read or learned. Your big smile is a great help, believe me!


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I'll give you a call on them nights I cant sleep. LOL

Life is funny sometimes

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Joined: Aug 2008

I just loaf a lot more than others and spend a lot more time on here. I am glad to help and thank you so much for the comment. You'll do the same Im sure as Diane says your smile does a lot more in here than you think..You just keep smiling and we take care of the rest.. :)

Love and Hope, Clift

My PM is always open and so is my time, day or night. I work swing shift so I am on at very unusual hours..

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Joined: Jun 2009

Hi Holly

Looks like Diane and Buzzard got you covered :)

We're more than glad to help you - I'm glad that we are able to offer something than can help :)

As they said, we're just trying to give back from what we've been through.

Thank you so much for your kind words!


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Joined: May 2005

How to send a message (private email or email) through the CSN site.
Check out this link, it should explain it.

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Joined: Nov 2009

Just wanted to say that even though you are a relatively newcomer to the group, I have already found myself looking forward to your contributions. You have an engaging personality that is very evident in your posts. Take care and may God bless and keep you wrapped in his love throughout this journey.

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Joined: Nov 2009

Diane mentioned e-mails,
I get e-mails telling me I have a pm on
the csn website.
Not everyone does?

HollyID's picture
Posts: 951
Joined: Dec 2009

Thanks so much for showing me that!! It did help!!

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