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Work before RAI treatment

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this discussion board has been so helpful to me. I had my thyroid removed due to Papillary cancer two months ago and I am finally feeling normal.

I am due to start RAI in a month and my doctors took me off the thyroid hormone and I start the Low iodine diet in another week.

Please let me know how long you were able to work before RAI. I work in hi-tech in a very high pressured job and I travel a lot. I am really worried how I going to work and do a good job. Hearing your experiences would really help me make a decision about work.


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I can tell you that I worked right up until my RAI and that I went hypo three times in one year for body scans and two rounds of RAI. Going hypo was the worst experience of my life. I worked but I wasn't affective at my job. There are days that I shouldn't have drove but at the time I had a infant and a wife at home and I was the sole source of income.

I have read that some people breeze through being hypo and others don't! You have to be the one that judges how much you can take and deal with. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Take time if you need it and ask for help.

Good luck in your journey!


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Posts: 33
Joined: Oct 2009

Hi Joel
I am also the sole supporter of my family and have to keep working. I already took off 2 weeks for the surgery and really can't afford to take off more. I will keep in mind that I need back up to check my work.

Thanks and good luck in your recovery!!


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Everyone is different. I am having RAI tomorrow!!! and today is a work day. I am a physical therapist, not an especially pressured job, but definitely physically demanding (in an acute care hospital)
I have felt good, only side effects I have felt is a deepening voice and some slight muscle pain.
You can always start............and then if you're feeling bad, take sick leave. I was happy for the opportunity to be around people. my surgery was 4 weeks ago.

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