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Our first scans are Monday

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Betty in Vegas
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We fly to Houston on Monday and do scans from 3:30-7:30. Then Tues we meet with Onc, Surgeon and Weds the Radiologist. We'd appreciate prayers, of course. I figure we have a total of 8 scans before we can breathe ...and 12 scans before we are declared cancer free at 5 years. I'm going to celebrate each set on the way.


Thanks in advance for the prayers for safe flights and for the scans.


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You sir are truly a man of God. You are so encouraging. I read your post and cannot wait to show it to my dad tomorrow when I bring him for his first chemo treatment.
He has been steadfast in his faith and has always been the anchor of faith to our family. I think that is what makes seeing him trying to deal with his EC so painful for my mom and I.
Thank you for your words of wisdom and encouragement. I will add you and your family to my prayers and in my list of things that I will thank God for as we start this journey in the next few days.
May God's love and blessings continue to flow in your life and that of your family.

Ocean Grove, NJ

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Well said William!

Betty & Layne---I will also pray for the best reports possible! It's amazing all that the EC community goes through...chemo, radiation, then sometimes surgery---and your still not DONE! SO... I guess we all have to accept the "new normal" like William says and be thankful for each day! I like how you counted them out until that 5 year mark! Now that is positive thinking!

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Hi Betty,
Prayers and good wishes for a safe trip and clear scans are coming your way!!!! take care,

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Prayers are on the way. Here's to clean scans. Try to get rest, I said try.. Iknow how difficult that it is.

God Bless

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Betty in Vegas
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Because our diagnosing doctor gave Layne only four months to live. We have been meaning to go see him...because Layne is living life--to the fullest. Worked like 12 hours yesterday in the shop, changing oil in the machines, putting up new light fixtures, standing up on a fork lift, recovering all our table tops, changing out all the blades. And he is now eating EVERYTHING except milk products. He had a bowl of raspberry sorbet (dairy free) that was the size of a mountain yesterday and just grinned about it. Sighhhh....

And he's jogging a mile a day.

So every day, since Aug 27 is a gift, and we will live it that way. :) Every single day...even if he has to have a tube put ...well you know where...once every three months :)LOL


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Betty and Layne,
Sending prayers for good reports and safe flights.
I know exactly what you mean...Charlie has been feeling so good lately (just very tired for the oral chemo he takes)that we consider every day a gift.
Stay strong,

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I am new to this site and was reading the above you wrote and I am totally amazed at your story, can you give me the story back to the beginning, from what I read, he was diagnosed and the doctors gave him four months, my husband was diagnosed last October, doing chemo right now, they said he cannot have surgery, and they gave him 6 months, I am so sad and depressed and reading your story, it gave me so much hope. Please tell me all.
thanks so much, Linda did he do chemo/radiation/surgery????

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Betty in Vegas
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Actually, our whole story is on our carepage . You can go there and search for ourjourneyinhishands or i can call you but truly only God knows our lifespan. Hugs betty ...typing on tiny phone

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I will be thinking of you monday afternoon, and praying for good news. It seems like there are alot of scans comming up, Paul has one on Wed. Hopefully there will be lots of good news comming our way soon.


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Betty and Layne,
When do you have time for lunch? We are staying north of Houston about 30 miles, but would love to meet with you. Email me at jimsallyb@gmail.com to let me know if you have time.

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Prayers are def coming you way. I hope you guys have a safe flight and you two are in our prayers!

God Bless,

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I'll keeping saying them until we hear from you!!!


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