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Osteosarcoma in right lung, 47 years old woman, no metastasis

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My wife was diagnosed with high-grade malignant osteosarcoma 5 weeks ago.
The tumor is located in the right lung, and it is so big that it is occupying practically the entire lung. Thanks God, MRI of the abdomen was done and no metastasis were found.
She has lost a lot of weight, has persistent cough, has short breathing, fatigues very quickly.
Additional CT and PET studies have been done this week.
She has not received any treatment yet, but for sure she will be in "chemo" by the end of next week, based on the oncologist's plan.
There is anybody that has had similar cancer that can give advice and share experiences with us?, we are desperate to hear from someone that can help.

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You will want to try the www.acor.org site, these folks have it under control. I can understand your fear because you keep hearing we don't know. My son had it in his Right shoulder and had limb sparing surgery to remove the bone. Even if you don't try www.acor.org you need to make sure your wife is being seen by a Sarcoma specializing hospital. MD Anderson is the premier facility if you are any where near Houston, we are in MD and are being seen in Georgtown. If you would like to chat you can reach me on coolmom53@aol.com any time. Good Luck James Mom

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