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A milestone

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Today marks the end of Paul’s first full week back at work. It sounds strange, but I am so proud of him. To be honest, I had my doubts about him going back, if he would have the strength and stamina after completing treatment. It helps that he likes his work. I told a couple of friends, but they just didn’t understand the significance, so here I am posting. I thought some of you would appreciate this milestone.


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I think only close friend/family or your CSN friends may understand this milestone! You really may have to take one week or even one day at a time with his! I kind of wish my dad was not retired, bc then he might have more "to return to" ---I really think some one needs that feeling of being needed or useful...

I have always been amazed how we (EC folks) can't really talk with friends or neighbors about how we really feel or how scared we are, but we can talk with the people on this board! Thank God-he is watching out for us even when we really are not sure what is happening..

Let's give a TWO THUMBS UP for the 32nd week of PAUL retuning to work!!! It can't be easy---but it gives him meaning and purpose---and is a step toward remission!

you GO Paul!!!---and keep cheering him on Susan! you make us smile!

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Betty in Vegas
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I am so proud when Layne gets up and goes into work. I know it means to him that he is reclaiming his life...and it makes me smile!

I'm proud that he WANTS to do it...and he is smiling as he goes. Congrats to Paul and to YOU for supporting him!


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Thank you for your responses, reading them made my day.


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Dear Susan,
I look forward to and dread the day that my husband goes back to work. I know our hesitance sounds crazy to others, but it's almost like when I sent my son off to kindergarten. I want him to progress, but I also want to hold him close and protect him from the world. Kevin had surgery 4 weeks ago and just started being able to eat this past Tues. I am amazed at how much that lifted his spirits and the confidance that he gained. I think he is beginning to feel like things might be alright. Because his job is so physical, he won't be able to start back for another 6-8 weeks. I can already see that he is getting anxious to get busy. Maybe the 6-8 weeks will help me get ready to let him go. We do live for these milestones.

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