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Whoo Hoo!!!!!!!

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Had my blood work done this AM and my CA125 is...........(drumroll, please)..............

I was totally prepared for it to be elevated, as I have a UTI, so this was a very pleasant surprise.

For anyone who'd like to compare, here is my CA125 history:
Pre-surgery - 4,000 (although a bowel obstruction likely contributed to this astonishingly high number)
10 days after 1st chemo (Carbo/Taxol) - 2,400
10 days after 2nd chemo - 245
10 days after 3rd chemo - 53
10 days after 4th chemo - 19

I have two more sessions of chemo, then a new CT scan. I am very apprehensive about the scan. My de-bulking surgery was sub-optimal, as I had major caking of the omentum and enlarged lymph nodes that could not be removed. But anything is possible......not just the bad stuff, either, but ANYTHING.

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Thanks for sharing your good numbers. I know that feels really good. Keep on trucking!
✭✭✭✭✭ awarded to you for the battle. Saundra

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cancer survivor x 4
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It's the best feeling in the world!!!!!!!! When that CA-125 number keeps going down. Congratulations. Oh, and by the way, you look fantastic. Paula

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I joined the board before I had any treatment, so the photo on here is me in 2008, pre-chemo. You can copy/paste this URL into your browser and see photos of me taken on Christmas...http://s139.photobucket.com/albums/q291/cmfromtx/Christmas/
Also, here are a couple taken today (Jan 9th)...http://s139.photobucket.com/albums/q291/cmfromtx/January%202010/

I really need to change my avatar photo, I guess. I don't think I look significantly different, but neither do I want to mislead anyone.

Full disclosure, folks.....my hair in the profile pic is my own, and in the other photos, I am wearing my wig.

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That's really great. I seldom comment but just had to as I've been reading about your strugle. I've been in remission from stage 3-c for 22 months and my ca has been going up but just this week went down to 15 so I am also happy. Hope that this trend continues for both of us.

veggie gal

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V Girl....

Wow! A remission of 22 months is wonderful! And the recent decline in your CA125 is great, too.

All kinds of things can elevate the number, evidently. I developed a bowel obstruction prior to having my first one drawn and it shot the number thru the roof. After surgery they ran it again, but I had all kinds of complications, including a really stubborn ilieus that eventually meant being fed thru my port and an abdominal incision that did not heal (had to be opened back up, in fact), so my first three test results - 4000, 2400, and 2200 - were skewed by all those things. Also, I insisted on starting chemo while I was still pretty fragile - home health care workers were coming twice a day to pack my incision and take my vitals. My doctor told me not to expect a huge change in the numbers until I was in better shape, over all. Turns out he was right (imagine that...LOL). Once I was on the mend, my CA125 dropped by 90% in a month's time.

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I am so happy for you. What a good feeling when that CA125 goes down, and yours really went down.


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that's such wonderful news, I'm sure yur scan will reflect the reason for the drop in the CA125.
Continued good luck.

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WHOOO HOOO!! Doing the happy dance with you, such a great feeling isn't it?
You keep going girl!!

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So great to come here and read your good news. PTL!

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Couldn't ask for better news this morning!



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Good News to read first thing this morning!!

What are you doing about your UTI??


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drumroll indeed....... I'm so very pleased for you! I'm starting my 2nd go round on the chemo trail the week after next. I've was 3 years dancing with NED (3C) and my oncologist told me that it would take 3 doses of chemo to see the numbers come down. You've given me such hope today. (((HUGS)))) Maria

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Posts: 1869
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You have given ME hope today!! I have danced all my life and never longed for a partner like I am longing for NED.

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I haven't been on in a few days and I'm so glad that I did to see your good news!! I'm soooo happy for you!!! You go girl!!! You'll be dancing that most wonderful dance with NED!! I know it!!!

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Girls, what is NED?

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cancer survivor x 4
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Something we all like to hear.

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I agree with Hizzy_Fitz. I wanna dance with NED too! Dx: 7/09, Stage 3C. 5 rounds done, 1 more to go.

Hizzy_Fitz: Love your numbers..congrats!

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That's awesome news! From 4,000 to 19, wow. That's so encouraging. My moms chemo starts today (I think) so I pray for the best. I praise God with you for your progress, keep going. WHOOHOOOOO!


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Way to go!! May those numbers keep on going down.
Hugs and Prayers, Terry

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Congratulations!! It's very encouraging to see such a change in the numbers!! My mom started with 1,600. It was only when they told us what the standard range was for CA125 that my mouth fell open. She goes in for weekly blood work - today is her first round post-chemo, so I'm hoping we eventually see the same trend.

Congratulations again!

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