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Pet Scan Results

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Just returned from appt. with the radiation oncologist and 3 month Pet Scan resutlts after radiation and chemo. We couldn't be happier, and his radiation onco also repeated this. An A+ result - no sign of cancer anywhere in my hubby's body at this time. He will, of course, continue to follow up with his ENT monthly and his internist - also scans every 4 mos. or so. At this time we are so happy and so blessed. Thank you for all of your support and prayers especially. Prayer is powerful, this I know. I love all of you and thank you over and over again for being here on this website for us.

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I am happy for your husband!! Will have my three year Pet scan on the 12th of January. I hope to have similar results to report on the 15th.

Kent Cass
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Truly am, pk. I'm on a regime of PS every 6 months, and do wonder about every 4, as you are, because of the content of the Pet Scans- not good stuff to be putting in the body. Hope you get some input from others on this matter. However, as for the news of today- EXCELLENT!


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What good news!
Here's hoping we all have clean PET scans from here on out.

--Jim in Delaware

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PK, THat is a load off indeed. Enjoy the new lightness and keep it that way.

Your mind is clear, your body is healthy ! (Repeat 100 times every day)


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I am so happy for your good news! That must have been music to you and your husbands ears!

Thinking positive!

Lisa :)

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Yes prayer is very powerful, I am just so glad to hear that the cancer is gone.

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Jan Trinks
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Praise the Lord! So glad to hear the great news!

Jan and Charlie Trinks

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Pam M
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LOVE to hear the good news - thanks for sharing.

- Pam

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HELLO ALL ! This is diamond-n-the-rough. I havent visited my favorite website in a while. Pneumonia tried to take me out ! the on-call physician said " death was knocking on my door! GOD & I said " wrong door ! after several weeks of rest and weight training, I'm back on track, but very weak. 2wks ago after being a 9 yr. survior, I was give my annual pet scan. MY oncologist set up an appt asap with my ENT. does this sound like trouble or guess work.

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Just put it in the hands of the Man, If he is ready for you plan on going, if he needs you here plan on staying and help finish the work he is giving us to do, remember Hebrews 11.1 Faith is what we have not seen but what we are hoping for, just my way of putting it.

Stay strong and keep your faith, God bless

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That is wonderful news!!!!
I just joined the site yesterday, posted my story, and can see that this site is really going to help me.
I have a question and it sounds like I have found the right people to ask.
My boyfriend finished his treatment in September for Squamous cell carcinoma of the tonsil. He has a CT scan scheduled for tomorrow, this is his first scan, post treatment. Why aren't they doing a PET Scan??? Is this routine for the first scan?

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Welcome to CSN we are glad you are here with us.

A few months out of treatment my chemo doctor did a CT to look at all the soft tissue in the neck. Then a few months later my Oncl doctor ordered a PET to check the entire body. I am not sure why they did it that way and could not wait to do it all at the same time. I just looked at it as being two doctors see something two different ways and went with the flow.

Take care and God be with you.

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Glenna M
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Awesome news PK, I love reading happy stories on this forum. It keeps my spirits up and confirms my belief in the power of prayers!

Hi GaDonna -
I also finished treatment in Sept. for Squamous cell carcinoma of the larynx and NSCLC adenocarcinoma in my left lung. I had my first CT scan in December and the news was encouraging as the tumors have all shrunk. They did a CT of my brain, throat and lung at the same time, I'm not cancer free but I'm doing better :-)

I think the reason I received the CT scan instead of the PET is because the Rad doctor said the cancer cells would continue to implode as they die off from the Stereotatic Radiosurgery treatment I received to my lung and they don't want to do unnecessary and expensive tests until the treatments have finished working. As many people on this site will tell you, radiation continues to "cook" for several months after your treatment stops. I'm sure they will do a PET scan in the future but they are probably waiting until I have been out of treatment longer, 4 months really isn't that long. I have to see my ENT every month so he can check my larynx using the scope and I will have another scan in three months. I have a lot of confidence in all of my doctors and I'm sure they are doing what's best for me.

I will be praying for you and your boyfriend today that his scan results are great and you can start to relax and enjoy life.

Stay strong and keep smiling,


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So glad to hear. Keep it up and keep getting stronger.


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I am new here, I just found out I have cancer on the 3rd. I was so happy to see your posting and that your husbands results are good!!! Made me smile for the first time today.

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Hi Mary,
Yes, indeed, my husband was diagnosed the end of July with cancer at the base of his tongue with one lymph node also affected. He went thru chemo(erbitux) and 35 radiation treatments which all ended on Sept. 28th. He had his first PET scan on Jan. 5th and it came back clean. Needless to say we are very happy.
He had the feeding tube, mouth guards to protect his teeth during radiation, and all the side effects that go along with this treatment. We too were shocked at the diagnosis, but he embraced it and went forward. It is tough. But if you were to meet him today, you would never know the tough time he has been thru. His major side effect right now is that his taste is compromised.
This sight will be invaluable to you. The survivors here are awesome and have so much great info to share.
Once you have your PET scan and get the results, you will be on your way to recovery, and that path is so much better than waiting.

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