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Small Blood in Urine + experience - 4 weeks after Davinci

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Thanks everyone for sharing all info. about PC, special with Davicy treatment option and made me very confortable and happy to handle the problems. I will post my past experience later. Summary: 20 days after Davinci, 2 days catheter removal - Ealier PC detection - Lowest Gleason score - 59 year old - active and healthy but have to go thru this problem!

God bless everyone


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Hi John

We'd like to hear your experences, so please share what you can. Hope you're doing well.

Larry B

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Thanks Larry, is small drop of pink blood in urine normal seen after 4 weeks of Davinci when have bowel movement? - just happen yesterday 2 times. Itnot happen for the last 2 weeks. In general etting better everyday. About 2-3 pad perday (half soaked) depend on how much liquid intake. If I have to go out for more than 1 hour driving or shopping. I'm using condom type catheter so I can piss anytime without worrying about soaking pads! Change back to pad when back home - no leakage during sleep - will leak when start moving. When sit down on the chair or car, I'm using travel neck air pillow with very low air so I can sit on comfortable provide air cushion plus clearance for my P area. I also using a memory foam pilow when sit in the car to damping down all car vibration and bumping.( My Honda accord is not smooth like big Cadilac or Lincoln Town car.) - Using Walgreen and Target brand Affirm and Certaintee pads are not bad. Walfgree on sale for about $7.90 for 52 pads. Someone said:" My life is now around my pennis and pads" It is true! Hope this will be short term for everyone! Some time still have some mild pain around the center cut (large cut at the belly button) - Look like the erection is still working when thinking about erotic but try to avoid any sex for now to make sure everything is fully recovered. Maybe 5-6 months after Davinci? For some reason after Davinci and maybe from my eating and drinking my blood pressure always good! eating alot of well cooked non salty vegetable, and drinking most Cranberry juice, plum juice and taking stood softener daily and thanks my wife for taken care all the small heavy works around the house!

Any comment will be helpful.



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John,I believe that cranberry juice is a diuretic. Drinking it often may be contributing to your incontinence at this point in your recover. Google Cranberry juice as a diuretic.

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Other side effects not considered, my doctors said real cranberry juice helps a great deal with the urinary tract infections, and suggested as well that not drinking enough fluids to flush out the system made them even worse.
Seems a double-edged sword - pee a lot and buy more pads, or pee in excruciating pain. After a couple of real ugly UTIs, I'll vote for more pads, less pain.

As to light blood and debris from the urethra repair, both continued often up to DaVinci + 8 weeks. I am at +12 weeks now, and still see a little debris which the doctor says is still expected. No blood recently.

I had the same pain up to +8 weeks around the large incision (they explained that was for the camera), and even at +12 weeks I have pin-stab like pains - again, I was told this could go on for months, as they use a very heavy suture on the internal muscles that were cut, and it can take as much as 6 months for them to dissolve entirely.

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I got this comment for after surgery and copy for everyone to review:

Because of the considered seriousness of the prostatectomy, I received an appointment with a continence nurse specialist at St. Joseph's Hospital before the catheter was removed. She reviewed all the information about exercises and had a number of tips on improving control. Included was advice to remove caffeine from my diet (tea, coffee, and chocolate) and reduce strongly acidic drinks like cranberry juice and carbonated drinks and alcohol. She was right, any of the above that tempted me resulted in one of those nasty 2-hour periods of feeling the need to go every 15 minutes, before settling down again

Other comment to prevent Protate problem or keep protate healthy.

Drink cranberry juice. Cranberry juice increases the acidity of urine, making the urinary tract an unwelcome environment of bacteria which cause urinary tract infections. Drinking cranberry juice four times a day, in addition to the eight glasses of water, should increase your arsenal against urinary tract infections.


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my doc indicated that 6 weeks it was typical to see blood and/or clots. I havent had any since about 3 weeks post surgery.

AS to the sutures......... my bell-button incision was festering about 3.5 weeks post surgery,
spoke with the docs, then used neo-sporin on it, and about 1 week later, one of the sutures came to the surface rather than disolve internally - scared me for a minute, had two drips of blood come out with it, and now is healing just fine (thankfully).



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Thanks everyone - I don't see any pink urine drop today after bowl movement - still have some mild pain below belly button - body very tired some time and need to take a nap or rest. I still drink a lot of water - I stay home for 8 weeks so pad changing is no problem. I also use condom type for auto drain to old catheter bag when I go out or long driving (Around 1 hour)-


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I am now on day 24 following Da Vinci on 12/29 and barely had any blood at anytime following surgery...I feel really lucky and must thank my surgeon....I have been completely crystal clear now for about two weeks... I only ever had pink in my urine...even in the hospital in the first 24 hours following surgery. I have tried to follow the directions and not over do anything...but I have pushed for BM's in the early stages after coming home...and only a tinge of pink. Hope all get through this and recover quickly. I have really enjoyed all the comments here by all its such a great forum to feel good about support....Thanks to God for all you in this crumby club of pCA.

Randy in Indy

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Thanks Randy, so far so good with clear urine, still have some very mild pain around scars sometime. Hope it will be gone soon. My doctor said, it will be OK. my surgery was on 12/18/09. Hope everyone will find some comfotable with this forum. Good luck to all of us.

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