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Results from MRI .... No Wonder My Back Hurt!!!!

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Hey Everybody!

My back has been hurting ever since I fell and hit it on the corner of my desk. This was 2 days before xmas. Had an MRI done and just got the results....my spine is fractured at the L7!!! Go figure! If it wasn't for bad luck...I'd have no luck. Now I have to go see a bone specialist and figure out what the plan will be. Oh well..... it cud be worse. I will just smile and leave it at that. I have dealt with much worse. Ya'll have a good day....I'm heading to the medicine cabinet for the Oxycodone.... :) PEACE!


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I hope you feel better,I know how you feel,everytime I started to get better,something else would go wrong.I hope everything works out.

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Holy Moly! My eyes bugged out when I read that one! I bet you do hurt!

Good luck with the back doc. :)

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Hi Jennie, That's one heck of a fall. Isn't funny the older we get thet when we fall we dont do it as graceful as when we were kids and it seems to hurt alot more!!

Life is funny sometimes

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Damn girl that sounds painful, I hope you can stay pain free and heal soon

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Paula G.
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I am amazed that it is not killing you. You did mention pain killers so that might be why. I hope they can fix you up without going through a lot more stuff. Love Paula

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Yikes! I hope you heal well and feel better soon.


Fight for my love
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Well,that must hurt.Good luck to you with the bone doctor.Get well soon.Take care.

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Hope the bone specialist will help with good info. Let us know how it goes. Hope you feel better soon!

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Hi Jennie

You said you were in some pain doing your visit - but you soldiered on so well...time to rest that back and get yourself patched back up.

Falls sure can be dangerous - and we're not spring chickens anymore :)


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Oh My! What do they do for that? Just rest? PT? Surgery?

Gosh I'm sorry to hear this but I'm so glad you know what it is and it's not something icky (c word).


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OUCH!!!!!! My hat is off to you for toughing it out as long as you did. No wonder you left early. You could`ve held out longer. What a wimp! The bone wasn`t showing. Suck it up!
I am kidding. You are one tough gal. I`m surprised you even made it to Texas but I am glad you did. Keep on taking the good pain meds and stay cancer free.


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(((((Jennie))))) " A good day is when nothing REALLY bad happens" Wishing you a swift recovery,Ron.

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I can't imagine why you would be hurting (just kidding). That just sounds so painful and I assume you were in pain the minute that happened until and up to now. I'm glad that they found out what had happened and they have a plan of action with getting you to a specialist. Let us know how you are doing and hoping you feel better very soon.


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Hey Everybody!!!! Thank you all for the kind words!!! Craig and Eric ..... I would not let anything keep me from a Cowboy game..... Did you see them kick butt again tonite....with those silly Eagles!!! Sorry Eagle fans!

Anyway...on with the update. My spine is fractured at the T7. This is evidently the bone to fracture is ya gotta fracture one. It is self healing. No surgery or brace required IF you show signs of healing....and my MRI shows that...sooooo, that is good. The part we are not sure of is the fact that I have developed "sciatica (sp?)" Thats where yaa get these pains going down your butt and leg.... THAT is what hurts so bad. My back barely hurts. Now they are thinking I may have another fracture in my lumbar area since this is a different set of nerves than what affect the thoratic area where the first fracture is. BOY!!! This really sucks. Just get NED and now this. I have to go for testing this coming week to get that sciatica thing figured out..... Oh Well.....


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