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I just wanted to share some GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!!!! we don't usually get to share good news its usually always bad news, so with that thought I had to share that Jeff got approved on SSD and it was less than 2 months when we got our first check. We went through a firm his company he worked for recommended and with the application we turned in we turned in all his medical records which moved the application right along. This was such a nice feeling knowing he will now get this every month. I will say that if you know how to work the tape its not hard to get approved and according to this firm it called "COMPASSION" type where they put your app through right away, not once did we get denied.

For the ones that are contemplating it or wondering if you will get approved go for it and fight, it worth the trouble.

Hope everyone is doing okay and wearing their BIG GIRL PANTIES OR BIG BOY UNDERWEAR!!!

take care


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Great news! It is wonderful when someone gets "good" news. This in one worry off your mind. Hope you have many more Great news moments. Wish you the best.

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Thanks for this info, I hope we don't need it, but....


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that is great that your husband was approved, my husband got approved immediately also but here is my question, you said you got a check less than two months, we are being told from social security that there is a six month waiting period on everyone so our check will not come until May., we live in Mass., do you think each state is different?

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Tina Blondek
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Hey Girl, Nice to hear that good news! Something going right for a change. I told you to keep up with your faith, God is good! Is there any news on him getting a stent? What is his recent update with his esophagus? Thanks for the smile today, we need those every now and then.

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He was suppose to go to the specialist today but was running a fever and didn't feel good so we rescheduled to next week, he is doing okay just tired and just hanging in there. I really appreciate your concern.

There is so much goin on in our life right now, but things are going well.

Lori aka moe

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You do have to wait 5 months but jeff was diagnosed on April fools day, yes that wasn't a good day but its true, than he went on short term disability for 5 months than in Oct he went to long term, with us that meant when we applied in november for his SSD and the rule is you wait five months before you can recieve it, so he had already waited so he got his right away is why.

I hope this helps if you have any more questions let me know

Lori aka moe

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Hi Lori,
Glad to hear the good news, at least that will take some worries off of you all. Hope he does good at his next checkup and is feeling better. Take care and prayers always.

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Betty in Vegas
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if you got cancer, you'd become wealthy so you didn't have to fight financial issues and cancer at the same time. Sigh. Then again, I suppose if it were a perfect world, there wouldn't be any cancer!

I am so glad that Jeff is now getting his checks! Wonderful! Good news is so GOOD!


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Hey Lor,

I remember having that conversation with you. I'm glad it went through.
Glad Jeff is feeling better!!!

God Bless