8 rounds of folfox - and 25 fractions of radiation - DONE!!!

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I am not great at posting or coming here very much.....my New Years resolution is to be here more frequently.....

I completed 8 rounds of folfox and TODAY was #25 of radiation - I still have 4 more rounds of chemo (folfox)....but get a HOLIDAY of no treatment for a month!!! WAHOO!!!

Diagnosed June 4, 2009...I am a stage II....NED....none of the PET scans or labs showed the tumor that had preforated thru the colon wall.....I had an abcess that covered the tumor....93 lymph nodes clear....still trying to figure out "why me"...guess we will never know...

Still have a journey to go - but have to remember - it's a journey - not a race....

Thank you, my fellow SURVIVORS here on CSN - giving me the strength and desire to push forward....don't let the detours and road bumps take you down.....keep up the fight!


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    I am sure you will really be
    I am sure you will really be happy when the treatment finishes.My husband's diagnosed time was a just two weeks earlier than yours,my husband is just at the half point of the adjuvant chemo(folfox),another 6 to go.Good luck to you with the rest of the treatment.Take care.