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Breast Cancer-now spread to both of my lungs and my bones. I'm changing Hospital from Kaiser to ? Sacramento...need help

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Hi My name is Mafini and I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at Kaiser. Last Year--04/21/09 I need to go to a different hospital. 8 years ago I had a lump on my breast and was told to go home 4 times because the Dr. said it was just a Ductal. When I finally insisted on checking it they said I was to young for a mammogram. To make the long story short my experience with Kaiser has been very frustrating. I was told the cancer has spread to my lungs and my bones. I need help in finding a different hospital in Sacramento so I can get treatment. ASAP...PPO>> is the coverage I have now. I am on Tamoxifen for now. The cancer I was diagnosed with is Hertenia Estrogen Receptor.

Please help me with any information. I have 2 children 9 years old boy name Isaiah and my 7 year old daughter Zeryah. I am 34 years old. Need all the help I can get.

God bless you

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I would get online and find the best possible cancer treating hospital I could, making sure my insurance would cover. You are entitled to a second opinion under any insurance. But I wouldn't wait long. Try to stay as calm as possible, I know it is hard. You will need all that energy to help fight this cancer. I will be praying for you and your family. God Bless.

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I'm sorry to hear about your new diagnostic. Unfortunately, we had the same experience. My husband was not feeling good for 6 months and Dr. told us it was only a virus. When they found the cancer it was already spread to his liver. I think Dr's are so limited by the insurances. We learned that we need to cry or scream so they can refer you to the especialist. I can return the time but now I make sure my husband gets all the medical attention he needs.

If you have PPO call first to your insurance and make sure the providers will cover your treatment. Sometimes if you get a provider "OUT OF THE NETWORK" they will pay only 80% of the treatment even if you have PPO. So make sure you choose the best option for you. I live in Richmond and my husband is getting his treatment at UCSF in San Francisco, CA. But I don't know hospitals in Sacramento. If I were you I will call my Health insurance, get a list of providers and using the Internet I will find information about each provider. Good luck!!!

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I am currently seeing Dr. John Lee wwith the Cancer Center on L Street Sacramento. He is a specialist and thoracic surgeon. I also see Dr. D"Andre an oncologist in the same hospital. Both are very good doctors. I just had a mediastinoscopy by Dr. Lee on Friday. I don't know what insurance he takes. I think you will ike him. You also might tell your doctor you want a referral to University of California in San Francisco. Dr. Jablon one of top 3 cancer doctors in the world.

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