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follow up visit tomorrow with surgeon and onc dr.

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Tomorrow I go back to the surgeon for the 1st follow up and they have me down for a chest x-ray and also see the oncologist. I am kind of nervous. Everything has gone well, I am eating and using the J tube trying to gain weight but it is a slow process. Also, I find out about the one bad lymph node, like where it was and what the plans are for chemo. Has anyone here had to have the chemo after their surgery? Guess one bad node out of 19 isn't too bad but don't want this stuff to come back. My main problem is the same that Jeff had, major rib and back pain from that particular rib incision and the 2 chest tubes. Sometimes it is a 10 so I am still taking oxycodone for that. I would eat more if I could but can only take in about a half a cup at a time. They have me doing a food log and I have a visiting nurse for 2 wks checking up on me. I will be praying for all, very sad about Al and Luis having all those problems and wondering how we know if the cancer is lurking somewhere else that hasn't been checked yet. Prayers for all. I am grateful to get this far and have to be patient and take one step at a time. take care,

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Ill be thinking of you Tomorrow too. My dad goes as well! Im hoping the clear him for soft foods since hes been on clear liquids for 2 wks now. My dad had 4 lymph nodes come back positive out of 20. He will do chemo and radition now. He had surgery first no chemo.. He its also complaining about his back alot too from his incisions.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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I'm saying an extra prayer for you tonight!!!


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Tina Blondek
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Good luck Donna. Let us know how you made out! You mentioned oxycodone. That is one of my dad's lifesavers as far as pain management is concerned. We laugh sometimes....he is in pain, and I say when was the last time you took your pain meds? He answers....ummmm.....well.....and I know it has been awhile. I tell him to go take a hit of his "oxy" and he is good to go within a few minutes! Stay strong, keep your faith. My faith has carried me this whole adventure. Like that footprints poem, When you saw one set of footprints, that is when I carried you. Thanks God! Prayers continue for you always.

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Betty in Vegas
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Wow...I can't believe how time is flying. Seems like yesterday was your surgery.

Let us know how the appt goes!


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I am praying thing are all well. Betty is right it does seem like yesterday. Hope it goes well don't worry about the pain meds your body will let you know if they are no longer needed.
The Doc's then will step you down and not let you go cold turkey.

I thank you for worring about us. I pray that you have a much better out come and yes we are going to have chemo after surgery anyway our Doc calls it mopping up after the surgery to try
and make sure they catch any little buggers lurking around.

You take care.
God Bless

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