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Survivors Bust a Move!

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Check out these survivors dancing to I Will Survive in a Flash Mob! We did this dance during a survivor party at my hospital in December, and we planned it ahead with the dancers but the other people there didn't know what was happening. The two women up front are one of the physician's medical assistants and an OR nurse; they choreographed the dance. The rest of the women dancing are survivors, a couple of breast cancer docs and nurses and a social worker. One young woman learned that day that she had brain mets but came and danced anyway. It was a very inspiring experience, I just wanted to share it with you.


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what a wonderful thing to share...thank you. It made me shed a tear!

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I really am a sucker for these types of things. I am at a loss as to why it means so much to me but it does feel good. Thanks!

MIMI of 4
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The dance video is great! Wish I could have been there to dance with you.

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oh man that is wonderful very encouraging to watch and hope to be able to do something like this myself one day because I WILL SURVIVE THIS!!! thanks so much for sharing

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