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Al's appt is tomarrow.

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Hi All,

Al has his appt. tomarrow with the oncologist. I guess we will be finding out what his game plan is. I truely hope that they decide to fix the fracture in his back first. He is barely
able to walk around and is in alot of pain. I think that if the fix this first he would be able to handle the chemo and radiation. Also I have a feeling that they might want to put the j tube back in since he isn't gaining any weight.

I know that I haven't posted much lately and there are some new people on the site that I haven't introduced myself to. I am usually better at these things.

I was hopeing for some extra prayers tonight so that we can handle what ever is thrown our way.

Thank you and God Bless

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Tina Blondek
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hey kathy and Al....extra prayers coming your way. I am sure they will fix the fracture first. Why would they want Al to be in so much pain? Then start the chemo and radiation treatments. Hang in there, you guys are pros at this by now. Keep up that fight. Thinking of you both. Extra prayers for my dad too. See my recent post.

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Will keep you and Al in my prayers(expecially tomorrow)! This journey is an absolute rollercoaster--waiting for doctor'appointments, news, etc. Hope his pain is eased and you get some answers. Keep the Faith!

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I will keep you in my prayers, Life is full of BUMPS, ROLLERCOASTERS, AND HILLS, I am pretty tired of climbing though. I wish you the best tomorrow and will be saying extra prayers for you.

Love you and Hugs

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You don't even have to ask...the extra prayers are automatic as soon as we all see someone having another bump in the road to deal with. The prayers are on their way.
Try to stay strong,

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Betty in Vegas
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I will be praying that the Lord would create a miracle here--in a situation that he can shine best in, one you obviously have no control over. I will pray that he will give you both peace tomorrow and that you will get a clear direction of treatment you feel comfortable with!


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Hi Kath,
Prayers for both of you coming your way. Hoping that the drs will fix his back and have some good solutions for all of this. Can't imagine trying to eat and do normal things with that amount of back pain. Let us know what the drs plans are. take care,

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I know your at the drs now! I sure hope you guys are getting a great plan set and I hope they will fix his back! Im praying for you guys!

God Bless,

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