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Endometrial Biopsy

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Just joined your group - maybe a little prematurely. Had an edometrial biopsy yesterday and am obviously quite anxious. My last period was October 2009 and then started bleeding about three weeks ago and is more than spotting.....Am curious to know what took others to the doctor - especially if it was bleeding, how long did you wait? I realize everyone is different and am hoping, of course, if it is cancer that a hysterectomy will take care of it.

Thanks in advance...

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I am sorry that you are feeling so anxious. I ran to my doctor after one spotting episode and had an endometrial biopsy pretty quickly thereafter. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't it true that you have not ceased menstruating for more than a year--which, I believe, is the definition of menopause? You've only had three menstruation-free months, right? Your period can do crazy things during that time.

Try not to worry, and I hope that your biopsy is negative. If that is not the case, please let us help you with any information and support you might need. Generally, if your biopsy shows early-stage endometrioid adenocarcinoma, then a hysterectomy may be all that is needed to "cure" it. Many of us here have Type II endometrial cancer--uterine papillary serous carcinoma--a rare form of the cancer that is a whole different ball game.


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Thanks for your reply Jill. The RNP told me that had I been spotting for a week or so she would consider that possibly to still be perimenopause. But not bleeding for three weeks. We'll see. I just want to be armed with at least a little bit of knowledge when I get my results....I have Lupus and Rhuematoid Arthritis so am often fatigued and not feeling well to begin with. Thanks again.


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Hi Lisa,

I had an ultrasound back in November because my periods were getting worse and my mom died in August from a VERY rare form of uterine cancer. The ultrasound was supposed to be to get a baseline of what my uterus looked like and size, etc. Well it ended up showing a very large mass so for the next 2 days I had a CT and then an MRI. What it was, supposedly was a fibroid, but they wanted me to have a surgical consult. The surgeon I saw in the beginning of December did an endometrial biopsy and found cancer, upsc to be specific. I did a lot of research and was sure I was going to have to have chemo and/or radiation. I shaved my head (not a big thing for me, don't give me a lot of credit for that. I've done it before when friends or family members have had cancer just to show them support), and I planned what oncologist I would want to see if the need be. All the while the docs and friends and family members were telling me I am crazy not to just wait and see what the results were. I said, "I am preparing for the worst and hoping and praying for the best." And I did pray, and pray, and pray that God would just take all the cancer away before the hysterectomy.

I had a hysterectomy on December 29, 2009 - open abdomen and they took everything! But, the pathologists in the lab could not find any cancer anywhere. They even went back to the original endometrial biopsy labs to make sure there was cancer there, and there was. God took care of me, and if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing. It is nice to have a plan. If you don't have to use that plan, wonderful, but if you do, you are at least prepared.

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First welcome to this site. The ladies are full of great information.

I'm 48 and only had bleeding for about 3 months and thought it was per-menopause. It's unusual for endometrial cancer to show on a PAP but mine came back abnormal. My next step was a D&C which pathology confirmed cancer. Robotic surgery on Aug 26, 2009 and I was staged at Stage 1C, Grade 2. The only other treatment I had was brachy.

To me the hardiest was waiting for the results. My mother is in remission from breast cancer so I also prepared for the worst. I went to the cancer society and got a couple of wigs. Thank God I don't need them.

My prayers and thoughts will be with you. Keep us informed.


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I love your story!! I am joining your club!! Mary Ann

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Hello all! I am joining after a doctor's appointment that ended in setting up a biopsy. I am 26 and a mother of one beautiful 3 year old! I have been having irregular periods for about 8 months now. I have switched to an IUD for birth control on the advise of doctor #1, thinking hormones were causing all the bleeding. I am still having extremely heavy bleeding and a lot of cramping. I have a family history of Endometrial Cancer (mother). I went to my first visit with doctor #2 today. She recommended I have a biopsy. Given my family history and all the problems I am having. After reading on line, it seems I am too young for this. I then started browsing this website and saw a few others my age. I am nervous and not sure what to think. Anyone have any advise? Looking for any! Thank you!


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