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Endometrial Advocacy Group

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Good morning!

I am returning from California; I went to the Rose Parade, saw my daughters, and celebrated New Year's in sunny California. My first trip after treatment; and I did it!

I am getting home and sorting email. I called Marsh Wilson at 301-332-0117 (mwilson@the gcf.org). She is interested in feed back from us and I directed her to read our site.

She also gave me a new web site: WCN.org. Apparently they have money for grants for research. She noted that we are interested in getting together with researchers and getting more research done not only for catching our cancer early but for better treatment. We all know serous is hard to catch early. She said to check out these web sites and perhaps we can reach the people doing research to give them our feed back.

Sunny California was nice but I am happy to be home in Virginia!


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I just called her and she had 2 other phone calls so I e-mailed her information regarding my diagnosis and interest. I'm all for passing on information to others so that they can get medical care as soon as possible.

Susie (Lilly the Clown)

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Cecile Louise
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It's so important to get more information out there so that others can perhaps avoid what we're going through. I hope Ms Wilson does come to our site...this place is a wealth of information and inspiration!


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I emailed and got no response from her. I will check out the website though.

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I got an email response just yesterday. She thanked me for my interest, said the group is in it's infancy and would love suggestions. Said she was putting my name on the list for the group.

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